Future Course Offerings

KPU History endeavours to offer each upper-level course at least once, during a two-year period (including Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters), faculty resources permitting. See below for information on courses available by Guided Study.

Availability of History Courses: 

Courses at the 1000 and 2000 level are offered in a regular rotation whenever possible. Courses with high demand, such as Canadian and World History are ordinarily offered on each campus (Surrey, Richmond, and Langley). Remember that a broad grounding in lower-level history is often more appropriate than a narrowly-defined focus. If you complete a broad range of introductory courses you will be much better prepared to complete our upper-level courses successfully. Upper-level courses are usually offered on the Surrey Campus, but we endeavour to offer 2-3 upper-level courses in Richmond each year. 

Course Plan Summer 2024 - Summer 2025:

Please note that these courses and their delivery modes are subject to change; this information is provided only to facilitate your course planning. The registration guide and timetable is the only official source of our course offerings and the mode/location of delivery. 

Courses numberCourse Name Summer 2024Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Summer 2025 
HIST 1100Reel History Hist through Film X  
HIST 1105ChangemakersXX  
HIST 1110Kanata: Indigenous Histories in Canada X XX
HIST 1113Canada To 1867XXXX
HIST 1114Canada 1867-1982XXXX
HIST 1125Great Transformations  X 
HIST 113020th Century Wrld I:1900-1945XXXX
HIST 113120TH Century Wrld II:1945-PresXXXX
HIST 1145American History 1607-1876 XX 
HIST 1146American History 1877-1989 XX 
HIST 1150Intr. to Traditional East Asia XX 
HIST 1160Intro to South Asian HistoryX   
HIST 1190Explorations in History  X  
HIST 2101Europe in the Middle Ages  X 
HIST 2119Europe 1789 to 1914 XX  
HIST 2156Martial Arts of China & Japan  X 
HIST 2200Making History    X
HIST 2300History of World Civilizations X  
HIST 2303Animals in Global HistoryX   
HIST 2350Late Imperial China    X
HIST/ASIA 2351Opium, Alcohol, & Tobacco in Asian History & Culture  X  
HIST/ASIA 2355The Chinese OverseasX X 
HIST 2375Japan under the Shoguns  X 
HIST 3140Environment & Society E. Asia  X 
HIST 3331Modern German History  X  
HIST 3347The United States since 1945  XX 
HIST 3360British India 1857 to 1947  X  
HIST 3370History of Modern Japan X  
HIST 3394The Two World Wars  XX 
HIST 4400Applications of History  X 
HIST 4405Doing Digital History: Apps, Video Games, and the Future of the Past  X X
HIST 4430The Holocaust in History  X  
HIST 4450China and the West  X 
HIST 4460Gandhi in HistoryX   
HIST 4492Order & Disorder in CanadaX   
HIST 4490History of British Columbia  XX 
HIST 4499**Selected Topics in History XXX


**4499 Special Topic Titles: 

Fall 2024: TBA

Spring 2025: TBA 

Summer 2025: TBA 

Please make an appointment with an Arts Degree Advisor for further information on how these courses will fit into your program: Advisor Connect

Guided Study

Since History is a relatively small department, the number of courses offered in a given academic semester may be limited. However, courses may also be offered as guided study courses, in a one-on-one or small group format. In order to complete a course by guided study you must follow the steps outlined below:

1. Make an appointment with one of the Arts Advisors (using the Advisor Connect system) who will guide you through the completion of the guided study paperwork and ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  • you must have successfully completed or received transfer credit for a minimum of twelve (12) semester credit hours at Kwantlen
  • you must have achieved a minimum CGPA of 3.00 
  • your enrollment in a guided study must not result in exceeding the normal academic workload for your student's program
  • you must be currently enrolled in at least one (1) other course at Kwantlen (SFAREGS banner report)

2. With the assistance of the Arts Advisor, contact the faculty member(s) who ordinarily teaches the course and ascertain whether that faculty member is willing to teach the course by guided study. This decision rests solely with the faculty member.

3. The Dean's Office will issue the final approval for the guided study course. This can take up to six weeks during busy periods of the semester, so please ensure that your paperwork is completed at least 2 months before the planned start date of the course.