B.A. History Streams

By completing one or more of our BA streams – in Asian History, Global History, or North American History – you can receive additional recognition alongside your Bachelor of Arts Degree.* Completion of the streams will be recognized by a certificate signed by the Dean of Arts.

To apply for a stream certificate, please download and complete the following checklist:

 Completed checklists should be emailed to the Department Chair, Dr Eryk Martin, at least six weeks prior to your convocation ceremony

You can choose from the following courses in order to complete any of the streams**



To receive the certificate in Asian History students must complete ONE of HIST 1150 or 1160, plus TWO courses at the 2XXX level, and FOUR courses at the upper level. 


  • HIST 1150: Beyond the Middle Kingdom – East Asian History
  • HIST 1160: A Passage to South Asia – Introduction to South Asian History
  • HIST 2156: Martial Arts of China & Japan
  • HIST 2350: Late Imperial China
  • HIST 2351: Opium, Alcohol, & Tobacco in Asian History and Culture
  • HIST 2355: The Chinese Overseas
  • HIST 2359: Tea in Asia
  • HIST 2365: Cultural History of Buddhism
  • HIST 2375: Japan under the Shoguns
  • HIST 3140: Environment & Society of East Asia
  • HIST 3149: Hong Kong – Past, Present, and Future
  • HIST 3150: East Asian Immigrants to North America
  • HIST 3350: China in the Twentieth Century 
  • HIST 3360: British India 1857 – 1947
  • HIST 3361: Indian Subcontinent since 1947
  • HIST 3370: History of Modern Japan
  • HIST 4450: China and the West
  • HIST 4460: Gandhi in History
  • HIST 4470: Warriors of Japan – The Samurai
  • HIST 4480: The Vietnam War in Historical Perspective





To receive the certificate in Global History, students must complete at least ONE course at the 1XXX level, TWO courses at the 2XXX level, and FOUR courses at the upper level.


  • HIST 1105: Changemakers
  • HIST 1130: Empires in Arms
  • HIST 1131: Atom Bombs to the Internet 
  • HIST 2300: Introduction to World Civilizations
  • HIST 2301: The Ancient World
  • HIST 2302: Consuming Passions – A Global History of Food
  • HIST 2303: Bleat, Bark, Buzz: Animals in Global History
  • HIST 2306: Pandemics and Disease in History
  • HIST 2335: War in the Modern World
  • HIST 2380: Global Environmental History
  • HIST 3145: Earth & Air/Fire & Water: Eco-Activist Movements
  • HIST 3310: The Fibre of Society: Textile Production in Global History
  • HIST 3385: From the Stone Age to the Drone Age: A Global History of Technology and War
  • HIST 3394: The Two World Wars
  • HIST 3397: Guerrillas in the Mist – Terrorism in Global History
  • HIST 4400: Applications of History
  • HIST 4405: Doing Digital History





To receive the certificate in North American History, students must complete ONE of HIST 1113/1114 AND ONE of HIST 1145/1146, in addition to FIVE courses at the 2XXX-level or higher.


  • HIST 1110: Kanata: Indigenous Histories in Canada
  • HIST 1113: Cultures in Collision: Canada to 1867
  • HIST 1114: Forged in Fire: Canada since 1867
  • HIST 1145: Expansion, Revolution, & Civil War 
  • HIST 1146: World Wars, Reform, & Cold War
  • HIST 2304: Canadian-American Relations
  • HIST 2314: Gender & Sexuality in Canada
  • HIST 3150: East Asian Immigrants to North America
  • HIST 3180: North American Environmental History
  • HIST 3315: Radicalism, Resistance, and Revolution
  • HIST 3340: The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST 3344: Colonial America
  • HIST 3345: History of the American West
  • HIST 3346: History of the American Revolution
  • HIST 3347: The United States since 1945
  • HIST 4414: Race & Ethnicity in Canadian History
  • HIST 4490: History of British Columbia
  • HIST 4492: Canadian Social History
  • HIST 4496: Canada and World War I
  • HIST 4497: Canada and World War II



  1. Student completes the relevant checklist and contacts the Chair of History once they have successfully completed the specified courses (see above)
  2. Chair (or designate) verifies with the Dean’s office whether all courses in the “stream” have been successfully completed
  3. Designate in the Dean's Office prints out the certificate and has it signed by the Dean of Arts, or designate.
  4. A copy of the completed certificate is sent to the Registrar’s Office for inclusion in the student’s academic record

* This is a departmental initiative, not a formalized curricular requirement, nor is it something that receives formal recognition on your credential or transcript.

**You cannot use the same course to receive credit in both streams. Dual recognition requires you to complete distinct courses in each stream. The Chair of History (or designate) will determine which iterations of HIST 1100, 1190, and 4499 qualify for recognition in these streams.