BA Minor in Language and Culture

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The Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Language and Culture consists of a minimum total of 24 credits. At least 18 credits must be from courses at the 3000 level or higher. The 24 credits will be divided as follows:

  • 3 credits in a Linguistics (LING) course at the 1100 level or higher, plus
  • 3 credits in a language course at the 2000 level or higher*, plus
  • 12 credits  in any courses at the 3000 level or higher from the Department of Language and Cultures**, plus
  • 6 additional credits in courses at the 3000 level or higher selected from
    • any courses at the 3000 level or higher from the Department of Language and Cultures**, or
    • approved culture-related courses in other disciplines from the list below

*Note: Any of the languages offered at KPU (currently FREN, JAPN, MAND, PUNJ or SPAN) may be chosen to fulfil the language requirement at the 2000 level or higher. Students will normally begin their language courses at the 1100 level, but may enter directly into 2000-level or higher courses if they fulfil course prerequisites or pass a prior learning assessment test in that language.

**Note: The following subject codes are used for courses offered by the Department of Language and Cultures: LANC, FREN, JAPN, LING, MAND, PUNJ, and SPAN

Approved culture-related courses in other disciplines†

ANTH 3130

Sikh Culture, Religion and Society

ANTH 3330

East Asian Archeology

ASIA 3151

Gender in East Asia

ASIA 3152

Ethnicity in China and Japan

ASIA 3154

Chinese Cinema and Society

ASIA 3230

Islam in South Asia

ASIA 3255

Gender in South Asia

ASIA 4351

Advanced Topics in Asian Cinema

HIST 3350

China in the Twentieth Century: Reforms and Revolutions

HIST 3370

History of Modern Japan

HIST 4450

China and the West

HIST 4470

Warriors of Japan: The Samurai

PHIL 3425

Language and Meaning

POLI 3146

Government and Politics of India

POLI 3240

Chinese Government and Politics

PSYC 4700

Culture and Psychology

*Note 1: Students are advised that these courses will typically have prerequisites, which must be met when enrolling to fulfil requirements of the Language and Culture Minor.

*Note 2: Other courses that deal with the study of language, examine intercultural communication, or explore cultural aspects of particular nations or communities where any of the five languages offered at KPU (French, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, or Spanish) are spoken may qualify as substitutes to fulfil these requirements upon the approval of the Department of Language and Cultures and the Office of the Registrar.

Upon successful completion of the minor as part of a Bachelor of Arts program, transcripts will indicate a Minor in Language and Culture.