Study Abroad

KPU offers a wide selection of study abroad programs.  See below for specific programs coordinated by the Language and Cultures department.  See KPU’s Study Abroad for further information on many other programs.

Field Schools

Students from the Department of Language and Cultures have taken field school trips to Chile, China, France, Germany, and Japan. Students participating in some language field schools can also choose to participate in, for instance, the Fine Arts or History field school.

Japan Language and Cultural Field School

Learn, Explore, be Inspired:

Learn Japanese culture and be inspired by the beauty and splendour of ancient and modern Japan as you visit historical sites and major tourist attractions while earning credit towards your degree. Also get a local’s perspective as you explore Japan with Japanese students from KPU’s partner institutions in Nagoya, Kyoto, and Tokyo.


Visiting places that are significant socially, culturally, and historically; meeting Japanese students to explore each city together; getting credits.

Opportunities to study and work in Japan

Participate in a short immersion program in Kanazawa, Japan in May.

Go on an exchange: there are four partner universities in Japan.

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JET Program (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme)

Japanese government-sponsored exchange programme that offers opportunities to university graduates to work in Japan, assisting in English language in the public school system or as a coordinator of International relations in local government offices. KPU holds information sessions every year. You can get first-hand information from a Consulate representative and/or former JET participant.