ਜੀ ਆਇਆ ਨੂੰ! JEE AAYAN NU! Welcome to the KPU Punjabi homepage

Why Should I learn Punjabi?

  • Punjabi is a beautiful language which is an integral part of the Punjabi culture.
  • Punjabi is the fifth most spoken language in Canada, after English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Punjabi is the second most common language spoken in Surrey, after English. 
  • The high number of Punjabi speakers in Metro Vancouver means that knowledge of the Punjabi language is an asset for those pursuing a career in health, policing or business.

Why should I take Punjabi at KPU?

  • All Punjabi courses are taught by dedicated and highly qualified native speaker faculty members in small, lively and interactive classes.
  • The contemporary teaching methodologies are based on real life communication using culturally relevant information.
  • All classes can be credited towards various KPU degrees and diplomas, and are transferable to UBC, SFU, UVIC and other major post-secondary institutions in BC/
  • Students in KPU’s Punjabi classes have the opportunity to showcase their learning in local speech, creative writing and essay competitions which include monetary prizes.
  • KPU Surrey’s geographic location within a vibrant Punjabi Canadian community allows students in Punjabi courses access to a variety of guest speakers, including actors from the Punjabi film industry; the following have all visited KPU’s Punjabi classes:
    Karamjit Anmol; Binnu Dhillon ; Diljit Dosanjh ; Ranbir Rana;

What is the course format and content?

All of our Punjabi classes are student-centred with a focus on active learning.  Course objectives and learning outcomes are clearly outlined for learners and students engage in a variety of in-class and out-of-class activities which focus on building learning, speaking, reading and writing activities.

Punjabi classes also have conversation lab components – students meet weekly in these smaller settings (max of 9 students in each group) in order to practice their conversation skills.

Instructions in case you need to contact the instructor for an assessment:

Note that PUNJ 1100 is a beginner course (with no prerequisites) designed for those who have no or little knowledge of written Punjabi.  Students with competence in Punjabi beyond Punjabi 11 are not permitted to register for this course and may be required to withdraw.

For all other courses, refer to the prerequisites listed in the University Calendar to select a course appropriate for your competency level in Punjabi.

If you are not sure which class to choose or if you need further information regarding Punjabi courses, please contact the following instructor:

Ranbir Johal: ranbir.johal@kpu.ca