Service Scholarship Application

The KPU Psychology Department is pleased to present the following scholarship:

1 x $1,000.00 to the student with a minimum GPA of 2.0, who has declared as a Psychology major, and who has the greatest service to the Department of Psychology.

Applicants must please provide a description of their service contribution to the Department of Psychology, and attach it as indicated below:

The type of service that is valued for this award is:

  • Contribution to activities that build a sense of community among KPU Psychology students (e.g., KPS leadership).
  • Contribution to activities that educate or engage students regarding Psychology (e.g., hosting student seminars or events to help students plan for their future in Psychology).
  • Contributions to activities that promote KPU Psychology to the community outside of KPU.
  • Research in an instructor's lab is not the type of service that is the focus of this award

Applicants must ask their referee to send a brief email to the Administrative Assistant, at, answering the following two questions:

  • What types of service do you know of that this student has engaged in on behalf of the KPU Psychology Department?
  • What is the quality and/or extent of that service?    

Apply by: May 1, 2023

Only applicants who meet the minimum GPA of 2.0 are eligible
Only applicants who are continuing their studies at KPU are eligible
Please attach a description of your service to the Department of Psychology
One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx.
Please list the name of your referees. Remember to ask your referee to send a brief email to asking about the type and quality/extent of service you are engaged in on behalf of the KPU Psychology Department.