What does a counsellor do? How is this different from an advisor?

Counsellors work with students to support academic and personal success and well-being. Counsellors at KPU help students to improve their resilience to distress and increase their repertoire of coping strategies as they navigate through their university experience, empowering them to overcome barriers to their success.  

Advisors assist with course selection, educational planning and transferring information to and from other institutions. Check out academic advising.  

What do I see a counsellor for?

There are multiple reasons for why a student seeks counselling. Students may choose to see a counsellor due to personal challenges which negatively affect their studies and overall sense of well-being. This can include, and is not limited to, anxiety, depression, relationships, stress reduction, trauma, and coping with academic pressures.  Students may also choose to see a counsellor to assist with self-management and to help with clarifying goals and competencies for handling complexities in life.

Is counselling like psychiatry?

No. Counsellors are not medical doctors and do not prescribe medication.

Do I have to pay?

No. Counselling services are free to registered KPU students.

Does it work for everybody?

Experience shows that individuals who engage in therapeutic conversations in times of need tend to make better decisions about their education, relationships, and career.

Will the counsellor give me advice?

The counsellor supports you in identifying the reasons for your concern, the options available to you, and ways to help yourself resolve whatever challenges you are facing.