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Our Alumni


KPU grads at convocation.

The Wilson School of Design's Fashion Design & Technology degree offers a wide range of options upon graduation. Alumna are employed by large companies and often specialize as a member of a design, production or marketing team or work for smaller design houses where they engage in all aspects of the business. Some graduates take an entrepreneurial or freelance route, while others have found rewarding careers in wardrobe for theatre, television and film productions.

Additionally, some graduates interested in teaching may be eligible for entry to UBC's Bachelor of Education and often secure teaching positions as clothing and textiles instructors in the high school sector.

No matter where they go, our alumna are leaders and change-makers making a positive impact in the world and we couldn't be more proud.

Meet a few of our distinguished alumna:




Maria Hilario

It is a date Maria Hilario will always remember.

On April 5, 2017, she unveiled MUVMINT, her graduate collection for the Fashion Design and Technology program at KPU's Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design. The debut was staged on the runaway in front of industry professionals, friends, family and classmates. "It definitely was an unreal experience, those 30 seconds on the runway," says Maria. "You're the only one who knows how much you put into it, and it's really rewarding to see your work."

Inspired by Maria's experience as a hip-hop dancer, MUVMINT, is a technical streetwear brand. All garments are made with fabrics that have moisture-wicking, breathable, and anti-sweat properties to provide comfort for dancers. "As a female hip-hop dancer, there's really nothing in the market that moves and breathes easily that also has the look we want," she explains.

Through the Fashion Design and Technology program, Maria learned all aspects of the design and production processes and, ultimately, how to take her vision to market. KPU's proximity to a dynamic hub of apparel giants in Greater Vancouver offered her exciting opportunities to gain experience in the industry. Maria landed an internship at lululemon athletica, where she learned the ropes of the active wear industry, and was hired as a design assistant after graduating.

"It's the most amazing program," says Maria. "All the skills I learned got me comfortable working in the industry." The Show 2017 was the culmination of four years of hard work for Maria and 27 of her classmates. Front and centre in the audience of 1,400 was Maria's biggest influence for getting into fashion—her mom.

Maria had an early education in the industry, watching her mother run a business making custom dresses from their home and later working for Canadian apparel brands Aritzia and Kit and Ace. "I saw what she was doing and knew I wanted to do that," says Maria. "Design was the number one thing I wanted to do."

Maria is about to launch her third collection, expanding into menswear and offering made-to-order garments. She hopes to expand to new markets and is excited about the demand she's seeing for MUVMINT, even from people who aren't dancers, but enjoy streetwear and like how it looks. "I want hip hop to be main inspiration, but I also want people to feel like they don't need to be a dancer to wear it." Maria credits the Fashion Design and Technology program with giving her a strong understanding of all aspects of the industry so that she could turn her passion for design into a successful career.

"It's incredible how you can go from not knowing how to do anything, to coming out in your fourth year a lot more analytical," says Maria. "Now I'm confident in the industry and ready for the rest of my life."


Class of 2017

Tayler Anderson
Michelle Beaulieu
Olivia Bickerstaff
Wincy Chan
Jessica Chauhan
Jenny Choi
Sharon Chuang
Jessica Farnsworth
Al Fearnley
Maya Grigoruk
Natasha Gruetz


Maria Hilario
Gladys Ho
Roxanne Lee
Janine McAughren
Ava Murovec
Natalia Santana
Rani Pickering
Crystal Scheffler
Jasmine Siu
Taryn Southard
Ruby Tsai


Spencer Varsek
Emily Wong
Maggie Wong
Sammi Wong
Toby Yang
Adella Zeller

Download theClass of 2017 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about the graduates.

Class of 2016

Meghan Berry
Nicole Boyer
Amanda Carter
Hayley Clackson
Venessa Clarke
Claire Cormeau
Jamie Dawes
Claudia Demcak
Justine Elves
Breanne Gatien
Tamara Grunberg


Laura Hutchinson
Sara Jonsdottir
Catherine Kilgour
Yutzu Liu
Sara Lowe
Jiayu Lu
Kimberley Macfarlane
Madeline Mckibbon
Parinaz Mistry
Ashley Morin
Iris Park


Kaitlyn Schreiner
Alissa Segal
Rinske Smith
Justine So
Sam Stringer
Jasmine Su
Jessica Ternowski
Alicia Williams
Chia Ying Bena Yang
Yuliya Yaremenko


Download theClass of 2016 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about the graduates.

Class of 2015

Emily Barber
Cassandra Bucholtz
Catherine Chan
Dishna Chan
Yng Chern
Karen Faint
Sofi Fiorentino
Tyler Froese
Rosanna Fung
Olivia Hayward
Charity Hu
Angela Huang
Kaitlyn Jung

Grace Han
Bianca Hartle
Eugenie Lin
Blair MacDonald
Denise Mok
Chelsea Nielson
Devon Okamoto
Fiona Pang
Gurit Parmar
Deanna Kadota
Rae Kerzner
James Knipe
Alice Lam
Kimberly Parke
Capri Philip
Laura Psutka
Karley Scovell
Lisa Siperko
Lydia Waiz
Amy Wan
Jennifer Wilson
Michelle Larsen
Jessica Lee
Michelle Leung
Jessica Lewthwaite

Download theClass of 2015 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about the graduates.


Class of 2014

Jan Bautista
Kady Chong
Alexandra Dean
Kylee Gill
Shelby Gillingham
Courtenay Grant
Ellen Han
Fei Huang
Cecilia Ignacio
Kelly Kim
Serena Koo
Venus Lai
Lulu Lee
Connie Leung
Keisha Lowes
Cindy Luo
Kaylyn Mackenzie
Elisa Medina
Julianne Mo
Carolyn Molzahn
Chantel Mongovius
Shelayne Mulholland
Natasa Nikolov
Lauren Parisotto
Nicole Picco
Katie Royce
Seanna Schmuland
Melissa Simpson
Jeassea Thyidor
Courtney Tibert
Melissa Tsui
Aileen Twa
Lindie Van Vuuren
Jenny Vasilopoulos
Jennifer Williams
Natalie Wu
Betty Zhao


Class of 2013

Lucia Alonso
Courtney Billinkoff
Stefania Bussey
Taylor Byrom
Allison Chan
Peggy Cheng
Fion Cheung
Serena Dulai
Sarah Fairweather
Brylee Geddis
Monika Georgieva
Deanna Godber
Amroe Graham
Kirstyn Gray
Jasmine Hirtz
Danielle Holyk
Amanda Hooper
Lindsay Hudyma
Victoria Jago
Kieran Johnson
Iris Liang
Jessica Lim
Linda Lin
Shavilya Mahadoo
Belinda Marston
Patricia McLachlan
Vivian Mui
Melody Nishi
Erin Polowy
Jamileh Pourfouladchi
Michelle Scannell
Jin Ah Seo
Hailey Shafer
Harjit Thiara
Kate Van Beelen

Download the Class of 2013 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about the graduates.


Class of 2012

Yna Ansay
Camille Calvert
Jamie Carlson
Alli Chandler
Grace Choi
Kristy Coghill
Leora Elischer
Christina Ferrante
Raj Gill
Crystal Granacher
Nicole Guzzo
Emily Jo Heaps
Joanne Hu
Andee Jasper
Jamie Kan
Nam Hee Kim
Cheryl LeBarr
Morgan-Lee Lewis
Earl Luigi
Andrea McDonald
Serena Neumerschitsky
Shannon Oehlschlager
Erica Rekis
Jena Renwick
Rheanne Segstro
Meagan Therese Squire
Angela Van Slyke
Emma Walker
Hannah Willetts
Tyler Wilson
Kristin Yip
Bethany Young

Download the Class of 2012 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about this year's graduates.


Class of 2011

Shadi Ahmadisagheb
Caitlin Butcher
Monika Buttjes
Laurel Campbell
Alexandria Culver
Joanna Delaney
Diana Diaz
Justine Edralin
Karsten Ergetowski
Nancy Fedoruk
Brittany-Anne Fisher
Tessa Hewlett
Leah Kleisinger
Sonia Koo
Justina Kriss
Chunni Lee
Alisha Leong
Sarah MacLachlan
Desiree Mark
Rachel Moore
Ana Prpic
Sara Russell
Marriki Schlifer
Emily Schmid
Natasha Singh
Emily Spence
Olivia Tang
Laura Tanner
Vickie Tse
Danielle Weisgarber
Kiki Wu
Alison Youl

Download the Class of 2011 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about the graduates.

Class of 2010

Heidi Abramyk
Eri Akai
Mariko Aramaki
Nina Chen
Brittany Crook
Tanya Ens
Mikki Fox
Maggie Harding
Libi Hilzerman
Deanna Hooper
Joyce Hu
Mary Anastasia Kennedy
Jessica Kestell
Melissa Kim
Katie Kirkpatrick
Jordana Kokoszha
Sara Lanyon
Bria Lear
Felice Lee
Monica Lee
Jing Liang
Kiara Matheson
Lars McKinnon
Elizabeth Morelos
Anita Ng
Katrina Op de Beek
Norie Sakata
Jacq Smith
Carley Smulders
Amanda Tan
Kala Vilches
Chauntelle Walsh
Annching Wang
Download the Class of 2010 Media Release (PDF) to learn more about the graduates.


Class of 2009

Sarah Anderson
Kristine Aquino
Nicole Ballash
Kathryn Becker
Janis Brunke
Lina Caschetto
Matilda Chiu
Caraolyn Chow
Niki Chung

Heather Clark
Phaedra Godchild
Carina Gonzalez
Ming Ikatura
Nicola Ireland
Leith Irvine
Christianne Iuianella
Connie Laalo
Theodora Lee

Jennifer Lynch
Patty Nayel
Taravat Rahmati
Kiomi Renwick
Eleni Rounis
Julie Strobl
Christing Tai
Lisa Tanner
Rachel Zaharik


Class of 2008

Lilian Banh
Julie Blaney
Cindy Brar
Elizabeth Duarte

Vina Guingcangco
Aracelli Ogrinc
Amy Oyinloye
Kyla Penner

Rosanna Reid
Jennifer Saylor
Andrea Wiest
Ju Jyun (Cindy) Yi


Class of 2007

Krysta Batryn
Matthew Burwell
Julia Cathcart
Adam Blair Dickson
Erin Dittmann
Alecia Ebbels
Ashley Ewing
Shelly Joe
Courteny Kennedy

Jane Kilpatrick
Katrina King
Jennie Lam
Kristin Leahy
Andrea Leone
Cindy Luu
Doanne Neilsen
Julia Petley-Jones
Jessica Pietrus

Danielle Rossi
Zoe Smythe
Brieanna Soo
Cara Sumpton
Laura Weit
Shauna Weninger
Kathleen Weston
Christina Wong


Class of 2006

Sarah Austin
Stephanie Barnscher
Natalie Bartlett
Lena Bourgh
Sisi Chan
Katherine Chu
Bnaifer Desai

Mahtab Ghahremani
Patrice Houle
Melissa Kwan
Kathleen Leung
Yang Li
Corinne Lieffering
Adrienne Leclerc

Christine Nairne
Jacqui Rinas
Amanda Sadler
Elnaz Tajvari
Amanda Tallboy
Caroline Tseng
Carlie Wong


Class of 2005

Picot Alen
Theresa Baik
Karen Barsalou
Jolie Chan
Vicki Chan
Sophia Chang
Kimberley Fairs
Hannah Fletcher
Kyla Greve
Sarah Harruthoonyan
Monica Heiden

Jennifer Johnson
Angela Kelsey
Janice Kwan
Michelle Law
Dana Lee
Karman Lee
Sean MacKinnon
Celeste Makow
Lynda McCloy
Heather McKone
Karen Morgan

Tanya Morrow
Sara Mullin
Bernice O’Shea
Magdalene Ow
Kristina Pylarinos
Noreen Shuen
Aja Shuttleworth
Suzette Soloman
Una Tran
Allison Wightman
Chison Yang


Class of 2004

Alma Adrovic
Debbie Bulpin
Michelle Carriere
Nicole Dudulec
Tsu-Yun Hou
Antonia Iamartino
Celine Jackson
Daniel Kim

Vickie Ko
Olivia Kok
Mellissa Lawrence
Sacha Lehto
Alisa Liao
Jennifer Lundie
Amy Ng
Janice Nguyen

Lisa Nott
Jean Okada
Heidi Owen
Maya Pulvers
Stacey Robinson
Shannon Savage
Julia Szmigielska
Ying-Hua (Tracy) Xiao


Class of 2003

Hilary Banting
Karolina Bejm
Tina Chee
Edina Cowan
Shannon Fee
Lee Green
Elaine Hope
Shannon Jorgensen
Tracie Keene
Yvonne Lai
Joanne C. Lee

Arti Maharaj
Mary Anne Mathias
Christy Metcalfe
Melissa Miralles
Cindy Neilson
Jenni Nelson
Michelle Poirier
Mike Pollock
Tasia Pona
Michael Pope

Stephanie Saward
Cassandra Sze
Angela Tan
Katy Tataryn
Carrie Trask
Robyn Ummard
Melissa Walker
Heather Westergard
Genevieve Wong
Mary Yasuda


Class of 2002

Vanessa Albrighton
Krista Bortoluzzi
Smaranda Burcescu
Sandy Chan
Erin Chiang
Sharon Chow
Christine Frank
Jennifer Grad
Alison Hartford
Ashley Johnson
Winnie Keung

Christina Lee
Sylvia Lee
Zoe Lee
Alyson Leech
Bei-Bei Li
Kim Luu
Carrie Ma
Briana Marquardt
Quynh Nguyen
Lindsay Norris

Sandra Pascuas
Alexis Pearn
Mara Raftery
Annette Sauder
Lisa Sherman
Carolyn Simons
Diana Siu
Anna Thomas
Brandy Topping
Tracy Turner