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Portfolio Requirements

The Wilson School of Design uses an online submission portal, Slideroom, to collect, evaluate, and store portfolios. Once you have completed your online application to KPU, you may upload your portfolio onto Slideroom

Please ensure you have completed your online application and reviewed the requirements for your portfolio submission before uploading to Slideroom. Please be aware there is a supplemental fee and data privacy consent required when creating a Slideroom profile. 

Fashion design student showing her portfolio.

The Fashion Design & Technology Program is a limited intake program with first year seats available each Fall intake.  Once you have completed your application, you will receive instructions on how to submit your Portfolio through an online submission platform.  Eligible applicants who have met the application and documentation submission requirements will be contacted for a portfolio review session. Portfolio Requirements are further detailed below:

Letter of Interest:  In a maximum of 750 words, provide rationale for your pursuit of a fashion education.  This will include background interest in fashion and other creative pursuits.  Please also expand on goals and aspirations of your future career in the apparel industry.

Resume:  In addition to paid employment, also indicate volunteer and extra-curricular activities.  Also expand on a list of skills such as specific computer applications, handcrafts, fine arts and any prior experience in the apparel industry. Preference will be given to applicants with prior fashion retail experience.

Letters of Reference:  Include a total of two – one academic and one personal or professional.  This can include support from teachers, coaches, employers, mentors etc...

Design/Art Components

Art/Design Examples:  Submit any two pieces of your art or design work. Include a brief description of each piece and a rationale of why you included these two pieces to show your skills and interests.  Examples could be painting, sculpture, jewellery, textile art, photography, knitting, etc...

Sketchbooks:  Submit one or two current sketchbooks of any size. Date all work and show written thoughts about your work. Sketchbooks to show evidence of how frequently you draw, how much you experiment with ideas and materials and how you develop your ideas. Sketchbooks will give a sense of how you work and may include drawings, garment ideas, writing, photos, fabric swatches and other items of inspiration. We are more concerned with evidence of attempting to draw out ideas than skillfully drawn images.

Sewing Requirements:  Submit 2 garments as specified below.  Both garments should be clean, pressed and on suitable hangers. Please do not alter these patterns; keep them in their original format for accurate assessment of garment construction.

Garment 1 (Shirt): 

Choose one of the following four patterns to sew in a fabric of your choice:

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4

Garment 2:

Select a garment of your choice.  This can be a pair of pants, a skirt, jacket, dress, or other and may contain sewing techniques such as zippers, buttonholes, pockets, linings, working with a difficult fabric and more.

The Portfolio Review Process

Please wait until your assigned review day/time to bring in all the Portfolio Requirements. This includes printed copies of your Letter of Interest, Resume and Letters of Reference.  We will keep these copies in your file and will not be returned.

You will bring in your Design/Art Components and Garments (pressed and on hangers) for review from our faculty team.  These items will be returned to you the same day as your review.  

Your review will take approximately 45 minutes.  Please be sure to arrive 15 min prior to your assigned time.  The session will include an approximate 20 minute interview with our faculty team.  You will show and explain your work and discuss your interest in the program.  You will then have time for a tour of our facilities and to speak with current program students while our faculty team continues to assess your work.  To conclude, our team may have some final comments/questions and this is your opportunity to ask any additional questions.

Portfolio Review Assessment

Your complete portfolio is assessed on all materials (design, sewing, and paperwork) in order to determine a recommendation for placement in the program. View the Portfolio Review Assessment Package.