Our Alumni

A ground of FIND students.

Our alumni leave our program ready for new opportunities. For many, the skills and projects they develop combine to produce a killer portfolio. With this in hand, they often launch into one of our more specialized programs such as Graphic Design for Marketing, Interior DesignProduct Design, Fashion Marketing or Fashion Design & Technology. Regardless of which direction our grads choose to pursue, we know that the Foundations in Design program positively impacts our students, propelling them to exciting career choices.

"Words cannot describe how much I have learned by being part of this amazing Foundation program. I feel it has strongly prepared me for the Interior Design Degree program. The FIND program has taught me how to think contextually and how to develop design that matters. Taking risks was something I was always frightened by, but FIND broke down that barrier for me. This program has made me a better person and designer because I learned how to time manage many aspects of my life. FIND has taught me how to work as a team and to be inspired by what's around me. All in all, FIND has impacted my life and learning astronomically."

Taylor Lamontagne,
FIND 2012 Grad / Subsequent student Wilson School of Design Interior Design program.


"The FIND program gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of careers in design while building a well-rounded portfolio. The skills that I gained through the program have allowed me to experience success as I pursue my studies in industrial design."

Melanie Bland,
FIND 2011 Grad /Subsequent ECUAD student


"Before I enrolled in the Foundations in Design Program, I was at a crossroads in my education. I always knew I wanted to pursue Design, but I didn't know what field to specialize in. With all the options available, I found the idea of picking one field simply overwhelming. Not to mention, I knew in order to seriously pursue an education in Design, I would eventually need a strong portfolio (something that I also needed help with).

The Foundations in Design program gave me the time, opportunity and guidance to actively explore countless options, some of which I didn't even know existed! During my time in FIND, I researched different design schools and programs, interviewed students and alumni and even spoke to industry professionals; all while completing projects that would develop my portfolio. As a result, I was able to gain clarity on which design direction to go into. I felt assured in knowing that I was making informed decisions, rather than feeling rushed into something I didn't know too much about.

Within four months of being in FIND, I quickly realized that Graphic Design was where I wanted to go. That year, I applied into the GDMA program at Kwantlen and was accepted. The portfolio and skills I developed in FIND really allowed me to compete for a seat in this selective entry program. I would definitely recommend the FIND program to anyone who is looking to pursue a design education, but would like to take time to explore their options and develop their portfolio. I can't say enough good things about this program, it really helped me to gain clarity and feel confident on what career path to choose."

Colleen Sheridan,
FIND 2011 Grad /Subsequent student in the Wilson School of Design's Bachelor of Graphic Design for Marketing program.

"Poised and ready to dive blindly into a career I knew nothing about, FIND forced me to slow down and do some real research. None of it felt real until I learned about contextual thinking, conceptual development and of course, design process. It didn't close that door for me, it opened all the others. I just have more options now. I discovered that if you love something and you try at it a little bit every day, the results will come faster than you could have ever hoped. I began to think of the real effect design has on our surroundings, be in environment or people. And finally, I discovered that I get excited about everything."

Safia Boutaleb,
FIND 2013 grad and subsequent student at University of Victoria.

"I began this year with what I believed to be a good understanding of the discipline of design. FIND, however; has proved that there is much more to design than what I had imagined..."

Anna Jonsdottir,
FIND 2013 grad

"FIND helped me decide the next step in my education, it gave me the skills and portfolio content to get into the program. I developed some amazing friendships and I developed a crazy passion to become a designer for "real" need. FIND literarily helped me find my next step, and teach me a lot along the way..."

Becca Koole,
FIND 2013 grad

"Being in the FIND program has given me the unique opportunity to help broaden and deepen my understanding of what design really is. It has opened me up to thinking in different ways and to pushing my limits, while fostering my passion for design. With the FIND program, I feel I now have a unique edge over the competition; I am taking away with me a strong portfolio and essential skills that will help serve me as I continue to pursue my career in design."

Adele Marie Sison,
FIND 2013 grad and "furniture designer in the making".

"FIND Has been an incredible experience. We've learned so much about not only design, but our world as well. And as a group, we've all learned from each other and grown together. I've become much more open-minded, and I see things in new perspectives. I've also developed critical and contextual thinking skills, and much improved time management. FIND has been an excellent portfolio builder, and has given me a good opportunity to get into another design program of my choosing."

Jeremy Wong,
FIND 2013 grad, subsequent student in the Graphic Design for Marketing program.