Program Model

Sketchup being used to design an outdoor patio layout.

The Foundations in Design (FIND) program is focused on you: your potential, your career, and your voice as a designer. We only accept 20 students per year, which allows us to create a supportive community where students and faculty work closely together to achieve amazing results. Our courses are carefully chosen to build a broad range of design skills and help you develop a strong portfolio. Click HERE for a printable version of our Program Model.

The FIND certificate program consists of these core courses:

  • Design Processes, Methods & Materials
  • Design Explorations
  • Design History: 19th Century Onward
  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Designing for Humanity
  •  Drawing for Design
  •  Colour Theories
  •  Communication Through Visual Language

You will also be able to choose from these electives:

  • Design Connections: Then and Now
  • Drafting for Design
  • Introduction to Digital Studio using Mac

We accept full-time students and the program can be completed in eight months (from September to April).

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"Poised and ready to dive blindly into a career I knew nothing about, FIND forced me to slow down and do some real research. None of it felt real until I learned about contextual thinking, conceptual development and, of course, the design process. I discovered that if you love something and you try at it a little bit every day, the results will come faster than you could have ever hoped.”

Safia Boutaleb,
2013 Foundations in Design Graduate
Current student at the University of Victoria