Frequently Asked Questions

A splatter painting.

1. What will I learn as a student in the Foundations in Design program?

You’ll gain a broad range of design skills, explore your career options and develop your portfolio. To learn more about our program model, click here

2. What can I do with my FIND certificate after graduation?

Our graduates leave our program with industry connections and an exceptional portfolio. Many go on to study at the top design schools in Canada, including KPU, Emily Carr, ACAD, OCAD and Ryerson.

3. What are the entrance requirements for the Foundations in Design program? FIND admits only 20 students per year. In addition to KPU’s general admission requirements, students must also:

  • Submit an Entrance Package
  • Submit transcripts of secondary and/or post-secondary education, including art, design and academic courses. Prior Learning Assessment of design-related experience is available.

The entrance requirements apply to all full-time students. For more information, check out our admissions page.

4. When can I apply?

We accept applications between October 1st and March 1st. Since we assign registration dates and times by application date, it is in your best interest to apply early. Learn more about the application process here.

5. What is a selective entry program?

To give our students the personalized attention they deserve, we limit our cohorts to 20 students each year. We offer seats in the program to the top 20 applicants based on the Entrance Package review. All other qualified students are placed on a waitlist.

6. What should I put in my Entrance Package?

Your Entrance Package is your chance to show us your creative skills and interests. Our Entrance Requirements section will help you submit the strongest Entrance Package possible. We also offer some events where you can ask your questions to our faculty and staff.

7. If I’m a full-time student, how long will it take me to complete  the program?

The program will take eight months to complete: from September to April.

8. Where is the program offered?

The program is offered in our brand new building at the Richmond campus, which is just steps from Landsdowne Skytrain station.

9. When are FIND courses are scheduled?

FIND courses are typically scheduled from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. Since there is usually just one course per day, many students find it possible to hold down a part-time job. The current timetables can be found here.

10. I am enrolled in another program,  but I’m interested in design. Can I take FIND courses?

Yes. Depending on availability, students in other programs may take:

  • FIND 1120 | Design Connections: Then and Now
  • FIND 1130 | Design Explorations
  • FIND 1140 | Colour Theories
  • FIND 1150 | Designing for Humanity
  • FIND 1220 | Design History: 19th Century Onward

11. What supplies do I need?

At the beginning of the semester, you will receive a list of required supplies (sketchbooks, paints, rubber cement, etc). Students will also need to purchase supplies for their individual and group projects, most of which take place in spring semester.

12. How much does the program cost?

FIND students will earn 30 university credits to complete a one-year certificate. Domestic FIND students should budget approximately $5,000 for tuition and university fees. For international student fees, click here. Students should also budget for a laptop and software, supplies, project materials, photocopying and printing during the program. 

13. Are FIND students eligible for student  loans?

Students may be eligible for student loans. To apply for BC Student Assistance, contact the Student Awards and Financial Assistance Office.

14. I have more questions, Who should I contact?

We love to talk to prospective students! If you have questions about the program, please contact:

Future Students Office
Phone: 604-599-3030