Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of careers are available to me with a Graphic Design for Marketing degree?
Our graduates work in a wide range of graphic design, communications, marketing and public relations roles. To learn more, view our Career Options page or learn about our Alumni.

What kind of educational background do I need to apply for the Graphic Design for Marketing program?
One of the best parts of our program is the diversity of our students. Many of our students have taken high school art or design courses, while others may have some experience with Adobe software, communications, marketing, or public relations. Don’t worry if your experience is limited – our program will teach you the skills you need. Our Application Info page will tell you more about the type of students who apply to our program.

What are the entrance requirements for the Graphic Design for Marketing program?
In addition to meeting KPU’s general admission requirements, successful applicants will be asked to submit a portfolio of work, demonstrate their abilities through a small design challenge, and participate in a short, informal interview with faculty. It’s our chance to get to know you, and your chance to get to know us. Learn more about our application process and portfolio requirements.

How do I apply to the program?
We accept applications from October 1st to March 1st. Learn more about our application process.

What is a selective entry program?
Selective entry means that we accept only 20 – 25 students per year and place other qualified students on a waitlist. This allows us to build a small, supportive community of students who have great potential to succeed.

What should I put in my portfolio?
Please visit our Portfolio Requirements page for more information. You can also attend one of our information sessions or other workshops.

When should I submit my portfolio?
When you are admitted into KPU you will be given a portfolio submission date. You will be asked to submit your portfolio digitally through an online submission platform called Slideroom. Click here for more information.

What happens after I submit my portfolio?
Your portfolio will be reviewed by our faculty. You will receive an email or a phone call that will let you know if you have been invited to an interview.

What should I expect in my interview?
At this time, all interviews will be conducted remotely. Invited applicants will be provided further details prior to their interview date. 

I didn’t get in this year. Do I have a chance next year?
Absolutely! You are welcome to continue to develop your skills and your portfolio and reapply next year. However, if you want to get a head start, you can begin your studies by taking courses at KPU such as English 1100, Marketing 1199, or courses from the Graphic Design for Marketing program that are open to all KPU students such as GDMA 1140/1240 Design History and Society, in addition to taking six credits of liberal education courses. Another option for you to consider is the Foundations in Design program. This one-year certificate program will introduce you to design basics while helping you create a great portfolio. 

How much will my tuition cost?
The Graphic Design for Marketing degree is a four-year, 120-credit program. Please visit our KPU Tuition and Fees page for more details.

How much should I budget to spend on classroom materials?
Students will spend between $500/year on supplies and books. In addition, each student is responsible for purchasing their own Adobe Creative Cloud License.

What about a laptop? Should I buy one?
Laptops are a required device for all students entering the Graphic Design for Marketing program. Our KPU Tuition & Fees page provides recommendations on hardware and software that students will need in order to be successful in the program. Students are advised NOT to purchase a personal laptop computer until they have read the specifications and requirements for the Graphic Design for Marketing program.

Are students eligible for student loans?
Graphic Design for Marketing students may be eligible for student loans. To obtain a BC Student Assistance Application, contact the Student Awards and Financial Assistance Office.

Where is the program offered?
The Graphic Design for Marketing program is offered in our beautiful new building, on the Richmond campus, which is just steps from the Lansdowne Skytrain station. 

I work in the graphic design industry. Can I get credit for my work experience?
You may be eligible for a Prior Learning Assessment if your industry experience is similar to what is taught in GDMA courses. Please see this page for more information.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?
We love talking to prospective students! Please contact us.

I would like to recruit graphic design students for a design contest or spec work. How should I do this?
While we thank you for your interest in our students’ creative talents, we do not accept invitations for our students to participate in design contests or calls for spec work (unpaid design work). The Graphic Design for Marketing program functions in accordance with the Design Professionals of Canada (DesCan) Code of Ethics.

If you would like to hire one of our students for contract work, a part-time job, or a paid internship, or if you are a registered non-profit company looking for a student volunteer, please contact us