Tuition & Fees


Want to know how much it will cost to attend the Wilson School of Design in one of our programs? Check out the KPU Tuition Estimator. If you have other questions please be sure to visit the Future Students' Office page.

Laptop Requirements 

In addition to the standard tuition and fees, students entering the Graphic Design for Marketing program should also factor in the cost of a laptop and required software in order to complete projects and course deliverables. The following laptop specifications are the recommended minimum requirements. If you are not sure which laptop to buy, talk to your instructors in the first week of classes for advice.

Recommended Laptop Specifications 

Latest MacBook Pro 14" with a minimum of 16GB Unified Memory and a minimum 512GB SSD Storage or a PC with comparable performance specifications.



  1. The MacBook Air is not recommended
  1. The larger 16" MacBook Pro is not recommended — the larger display comes at a premium that could fund an external monitor
  1. An external monitor is recommended for off-campus work
  1. A custom build PC is not recommended — CPU and Graphics card conflicts are common

Software Specifications

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (annual subscription required; Adobe offers student pricing)
  • Apple or Microsoft Office Suite (available for download for KPU students here)
  • Anti-Virus software (annual subscription required)
  • Figma
  • Slack

Additional Requirements

  • Wireless keyboard and wireless ergonomic mouse (required)
  • External hard drive and Cloud storage for file back-up (strongly recommended)
  • Appropriate cables and connector, laptop to external monitor (ask your instructor before buying anything)

Students may refer to this page to stay up to date on software and specification requirements.