Career Options

Product Design Career Photo

You will graduate from the Bachelor of Product Design program with an extensive portfolio of work, including a major research project, relevant to industry needs, that combines all the skills and knowledge necessary for the field.

Upon graduation, you’ll be qualified to embark on a wide range of exciting career paths, including:

●   Product Designer: Work at an apparel company to create outer recreational wear and equipment, gloves, hats, backpacks, or sportswear.

●   Product Developer: Oversee the design, technical specification and manufacturer of products.

●   Product Buyer: Identify and purchase retail products for a company or wholesaler.

●   Retailer: Take your ideas to the market as an entrepreneur

●   Environmental Designer: Create tents and other shelters, design exhibitions or work in the film and entertainment industry.

●   Packaging Designer: Create innovative packages that will keep products safe while matching a company’s brand aesthetic.

●   Furniture Designer: Create bespoke furniture or work at a furniture company designing furniture or components.

●   Race wear designer: Give athletes a high performance edge by using innovative materials and designs to create race wear.

●   Swim and cold weather accessories designer: Create products that maximize performance under extreme conditions.

●   Survival and safety wear designer: Create products that will save lives or prevent injuries.

Our Product Design graduates make their marks as entrepreneurs, lead teams as staff designers for existing design studios, retailers, manufacturers, and freelance as independent consultants.

British Columbia is the fourth-largest design market in North America and is home to hundreds of design companies. Many of our graduates also pursue national and international opportunities. Learn more about the accomplishments of our alumni.