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Product Design Faculty

Our faculty are the backbone of our incredible program. They are passionate about inspiring and guiding future designers to develop designs that have impact, and lead to a more positive, sustainable world.

They are accomplished designers in their own rights and bring experience in a range of fields including transportation design by Victor Martinez, food design by Iryna Karaush, ergonomics design by Sue Fairburn or design research by Stephanie Phillips. Active research is an ongoing pursuit for our faculty who continue to delve into design solutions for the planet. 

Iryna KaraushProgram Chair604-599-2669iryna.karaush@kpu.ca
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Flavio Ruiz OliverasFaculty604-599-2203flavio.ruizoliveras@kpu.ca
Lindsay NorrisFaculty604-599-2591lindsay.norris@kpu.ca
Stephanie Phillips (Maternity Leave)Faculty604-599-2570stephanie.phillips@kpu.ca
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Lindsay Norris

Lindsay Norris

Lindsay is an alumna of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Applied Design in Fashion. For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her career to teaching in the field of Design. Her area of expertise lies in technical outerwear and soft product development. Throughout her professional journey, she has collaborated with numerous local companies, making significant contributions to the design and development of various soft products. Lindsay excels in creating articulation for sport and movement, while also conducting extensive research and development activities.

Driven by her passion for continuous learning and professional growth, Lindsay is currently pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Fashion Management at SUMAS University in Gland, Switzerland. Her primary goal is to deepen her understanding of sustainable practices within the technical apparel industry, and subsequently apply this knowledge to enhance her teaching and design endeavors.

Lindsay's commitment to combining design and sustainability in the realm of soft products is evident in both her academic pursuits and professional contributions. She actively incorporates eco-conscious principles into her teaching and design projects, consistently promoting a more sustainable approach to the field of soft product design.

Eric Guetre

Eric currently serves as the VP of Engineering at Caracal Technologies Inc. in Vancouver, BC. Prior to this role, he worked as the Director of Project Management at TRIUMF – Canada's Particle Accelerator Centre. He also has experience working at Nokia as a Product Program Manager.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. He furthered his education by obtaining a Master of Engineering in Electrical from Carleton University in Ottawa. In addition to his academic achievements, Eric holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute in the USA.

Flavio Ruiz Oliveras

Flavio Ruiz Oliveras

Flavio has an impressive educational background. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology in the USA, followed by a Master of Science in Optics and a Ph.D. in Optical Science from the Center of Optical Research in Mexico. Flavio further expanded his academic qualifications with a Post-Doctoral degree in Chaotic Resonance and Mechanical Vibrations from the Israel Institute of Technology (TECHNION) in Haifa, Israel.

His research interests primarily focus on nonlinear dynamics and the synchronization of chaotic lasers. In addition to his research work, Flavio is actively involved in teaching within the Product Design nd Physics programs at the Wilson School of Design.


Iryna Karaush - Program Chair

Iryna holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Ukraine. She pursued further education and obtained a Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture from the University of British Columbia. Currently, Iryna is expanding her knowledge by pursuing a second master's degree, an MBA in Green Business and Sutainable Food Design at SUMAS University in Gland, Switzerland.

Iryna has extensive experience in architecture, interior design, and furniture design in both Ukraine and Canada, providing her with valuable cross-cultural exposure. Her research focuses on Food Design, exploring its social and material significance and addressing emerging food-related issues. In 2015, she founded the Design Plus Food Atelier (D+FA) research group at the Wilson School of Design. This collaborative group engages with communities through workshops on Food Thinking and Future Food.

For Iryna, teaching is more of imparting knowledge but also an avenue for continuous learning. Her teaching portfolio encompasses a wide range of courses, including design history, social design, design semiotics, design methods, design thinking, and business and leadership in design. She believes in the reciprocal nature of teaching, where the process of imparting knowledge also leads to personal growth and development.

Sholto Scruton

Sholto graduated with Honors and distinction, earning a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a major in Visual Arts, specializing in Painting and Sculpture from the University of Victoria, British Columbia. He furthered his education by obtaining a Master's degree in Industrial Design from Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

As an experienced product designer, Sholto has been operating his own studio since 2010. With a proven track record in Furniture, Product Design, and Commercial Installations, he creates high-quality objects for discerning clients in both private and public sectors, including institutional settings. Sholto is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of communities by prioritizing the collective good. Moreover, he shares his expertise and nurtures the next generation of designers through his teaching role at the Wilson School of Design in the Product Design bachelor program.


 Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. She furthered her education by obtaining a Master of Arts in Textile Futures and Design for Material Sustainability from Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design in London, United Kingdom.

With a focus on functional composite textiles and sustainability, Stephanie's design research practices revolve around developing innovative materials sourced from a single waste stream, particularly bio-derived sources. Her creative work has been showcased at notable events such as Tent during London Design Week and The Munich Craft Council's Exhibition on Craft & Innovation. Stephanie has also contributed her expertise as a trend forecaster with WGSN and has conducted workshops in collaboration with organizations like Subtle Technologies, IDEO, and The University of Toronto.

Currently, Stephanie holds the prestigious role of the Sherman Jen Research Chair in Next Generation Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. In addition to her research responsibilities, she actively contributes to teaching in various programs within the Wilson School of Design. Stephanie's multifaceted involvement in research, teaching, and design positions her as a key contributor to the advancement of next-generation design practices and sustainable approaches in the field of fashion and textiles.


Sue Fairburn

Sue is new to the Wilson School of Design (2018) after teaching design studio (3D Design, Design Futures) and theory (Critical and Contextual Studies) in Scotland for the past 10 years. She is an established Design Educator and Researcher who draws from her knowledge of the body (science) and takes critical inspiration from challenging environments (design). Educated in Canada, Sue holds post-graduate degrees in Environmental Physiology (MSc. in Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University) and Industrial Design (MDes, University of Calgary). She co-founded a Social Enterprise, Design for Development [DFD 2005-2012] which applied design as engagement and problem-solving. Sue is a co-Pilot in City As A Spaceship (CAAS); an all-women collective applying closed-loop system thinking used in spaceship design to extreme urban realities. Since joining KPU she initiated research into Materials and Objects in Extreme Environments (MOEE).


Victor Martinez

Victor started pursuing his passion for Design Management at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, and Design Fundamentals at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He further expanded his knowledge by completing a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a Master's degree in Transportation Design and Automotive from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy. Additionally, he obtained a Ph.D. in Sustainability Design from Northumbria University in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

In his professional career, Victor began as a car designer in Mexico and later in Italy, working on notable projects for esteemed brands such as FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Audi, and Italdesign-Giugiaro, among others. Victor's academic pursuits have focused on exploring sustainability and the future of design through the lens of Systems Thinking and Complexity Theory.

Applying his expertise in design processes, Victor actively contributes to helping communities and businesses capitalize on their inherent knowledge and creativity. He aids in making informed decisions, designing solutions, developing action plans, and implementing and monitoring them. His interdisciplinary knowledge spans design, ecology, economy, innovation, and technology, enabling him to provide comprehensive and impactful guidance.