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Product Design Advisory Committee Members

Alberto BicegoAlberto Bicego

Co-founder at Eleven Stories Design Inc.

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Alberto is a Senior Industrial Designer with boasts 19 years of diverse industrial design expertise. His experience spans various sectors, including automotive, furniture, electro-medical equipment, bicycle accessories, agricultural and industrial machinery, and leisure vehicles. Alberto excels in crafting innovative, high-quality products from concept to engineering, utilizing a range of technologies, materials, and advanced 3D parametric modeling techniques

Nancy ParisNancy Paris

Co-Founder & Director at PK Partners Inc 

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Dr. Paris is an accomplished researcher and product developer with over thirty years of experience in developing proposals, grants, and contracts to conduct applied research projects and build applied research infrastructure. She has also co-founded two health technology companies. Her areas of expertise include the product development process, medical and assistive devices, and health technology research.

Brad McCann

      Brad McCann

       Founder at Platform Product Solutions

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        Brad is an accomplished leader who thrives at the intersection of product and brand building in the sports, outdoor, lifestyle,   and wellness product sectors. Over the last 20-years, he has been   involved in ground-breaking product innovations across apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment for a diverse group of global brands and leading international retailers such as Timberland,                Cannondale, Under Armour, ANTA, Simms Fishing, Rossignol, Urban Outfitters, Canadian Tire and Intersport. Brad's areas of expertise include global trend forecasting, head-to-toe product systems, functional product customization and personalization, smart connected wearables and advanced materials. His focus over the last 4-years has been on modernizing organizations by making them more resilient, agile and sustainable by unlocking the true value of digital with integrated Digital Product Creation (DPC) and Advanced Analytics.


Christina YeungChristina Yeung

Director of Product Development at Watson Gloves

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Christina has been working in design and product development for the apparel and soft goods industry for the last 17 years. She is currently the Product Development Manager for Watson Gloves. Her experience includes product design & development, sales, sourcing, and manufacturing with both local & overseas factories. She has brought her experience from the apparel industry into the world of industrial work gloves to create products that marry both form and function. Her passion for workplace safety drives her desire to incorporate new and innovative materials and technologies into PPE. Christina is committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement and is always looking for opportunities to make better products sustainably.

Kim Thomson      Kim Thomson

       Product Merchandising Manager at Native Shoes

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       Kim brings over a decade of leadership in Product Teams. She's driven by creating desirable goods, strategic collections, and fostering collaborative teamwork. With experience in soft goods and  footwear at global companies like Native Shoes, Bata, BlackBerry, and Allen Vanguard Corp, Kim's dream roles revolve around outerwear and athletic products