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Product Design Advisory Committee Members

Alberto BicegoAlberto Bicego

Senior Industrial Designer and Co-founder at Eleven Stories Design Inc.

Linkedin bicegodesign

Senior Industrial Designer and Co-Founder of Eleven Stories Inc. (an Industrial and product design company based in Vancouver, BC),   with 19 year of experience in different industrial fields, such as automotive, furniture, electro-medical equipment, accessories for bicycles, agricultural and industrial machinery, leisure vehicles etc.).  Specialized in the development, from the concept to the engineering, of innovative and high quality products, using with different technologies, materials and advanced 3D parametric modelling.

Andy CobboldAndy Cobbold

Head of Product Support at SAP

  Linkedin andycobbold

Andy is a Global Software Executive who has successfully led global teams and cultural change within organizations at several software vendors. During his career Andy has lived in Europe and North America. He is currently an executive leader in SAP’s Product Support organization within SAP’s Digital Business Services (DBS) division. As the Head of the Digital Platform, Andy leads a team that supports SAP’s diverse product portfolio and is focused on delivering world class technical support to SAP’s customer base. As a member of the Canadian Executive team Andy is passionate about fostering a culture of innovation to drive product and service enhancements and efficiencies to improve SAP customer’s experience. He also leads many local initiatives to help coach, mentor and develop the managers and leaders of the future, as well as to nurture early talents within Vancouver.

Nancy ParisNancy Paris

Director of MAKE+ and Product and Process Applied Research Team (PART) at BCIT

 Linkedin nancyparis

Nancy Paris is the Director of MAKE+ and Product and Process Applied Research Team (PART) at BCIT. Since 1996 Nancy has been responsible for the growth and management of a fifteen person multi-disciplinary team of researchers that conducts applied R&D in emerging and next generation product design in health technologies, energy, consumer electronics, and industrial products for clients in industry, academia, government and the community.

Dan MillarDan Millar

Engagement Manager at MistyWest & Adjunct Professor at UBC

 Linkedin dan-millar

Dan is dedicated to using technology to build an inclusively abundant future. This has taken him through roles as an engineer, marketer and salesperson. He now at MistyWest, a Vancouver-based engineering and Research Lab that is focused on helping its clients solve high impact problems in product development. He sits at the interface between MistyWest's engineers and clients ensuring all stakeholder's needs are met and amazing products are built. Dan is also part for the teaching team for Intermediate Engineering Design within the Integrated Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia. 

Reinier HalbertsmaReinier Halbertsma

Co-Founder at Local Time

 Linkedin reinierhalbertsma

Reinier is a designer, entrepreneur and educator. He has 15 years’ experience at creative agencies in North America, Europe, and South East Asia, is presently building a few small businesses, and coaches/teaches about design strategy and innovation. His core talent is to manage complex innovation challenges and bring radical ideas to market. Reinier gets energy from leading multidisciplinary project teams in innovation programs and strategy, delivering new opportunities for growth, brand strategies, and amazing experiences. No career is without luck - he has been fortunate to work alongside world-class professional startups or Multinationals including: Samsonite, Beiersdorf (Nivea), TomTom, Belkin, Heineken, SKF, Waterly, ATAG, TEDx, Virgin Atlantic, Braster and Alliander.

Leah KleisingerLeah Kleisinger

Product Developer at Lululemon

 Linkedin leah-kleisinger

KPU has been Leah’s second home since starting the Fashion Design program in 2007. Over the years she has been welcomed back as a guest speaker and instructor for a variety of topics. Her past work experience with Mustang Survival, allowed her numerous opportunities to refine her skills in developing technical survival gear. While at Mustang, she worked with many elite groups to develop, test and commercialize product. Leah is an active volunteer in her community where she canvasses for environmental campaigns and helps to organize an accessible boating event for children with disabilities. In her current role at Lululemon she works on a variety of product categories helping to bring their special programs to market. Leah is excited to be a part of the Advisory Committee and work with designers and developers from other industries to help develop, grow and strengthen the Product Design program.

Robert McGarryRobert McGarry

Innovation Advisor at National Research Council of Canada

 Linkedin rhmprofile

Robert has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from McGill University with a minor in business. In addition throughout his professional career, he has taken additional courses with a focus on business, planning and management. His professional history has been one of numerous Start-up -> Growth – Exit/Acquisition cycles. Starting with RACE technologies where he helped establish the company as a pioneer in wireless modems (acquired by Racal Communications), through to Vienna Systems - a leading edge VOIP start-up acquired by Nokia. He progressed from design engineer (RACE) to Director of Hardware Engineering (Vienna) over a period of 6 years. His most recent role has been with NRC IRAP as part of the Concierge Service team. Here, in addition to providing advice and program referrals to over 1800 Vancouver based companies Robert also was a volunteer Entrepreneur-In-Residence/Mentor to local ICT companies with Wavefront and currently supports Launch Academy’s Start-up Visa cohorts.

Christina YeungChristina Yeung

Product Development Manager at Watson Gloves

 Linkedin christina-yeung

Christina has been working in design and product development for the apparel and soft goods industry for the last 17 years. She is currently the Product Development Manager for Watson Gloves. Her experience includes product design & development, sales, sourcing, and manufacturing with both local & overseas factories. She has brought her experience from the apparel industry into the world of industrial work gloves to create products that marry both form and function. Her passion for workplace safety drives her desire to incorporate new and innovative materials and technologies into PPE. Christina is committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement and is always looking for opportunities to make better products sustainably.

Michal JaworskiMichal Jaworski

Partner and Co-Chair, Higher Learning Practice Group at Clark Wilson LLP

 Linkedin michal-jaworski

Michal is a dedicated problem-solver and strategic advisor. While his stock in trade is the law (in particular intellectual property, technology, real estate, and governance), he approaches his mandates with creativity and an interest in finding the best way forward, whether that’s following what’s tried, tested and true, iterating, or developing something new. Michal works with various Canadian and international post-secondary institutions, and believes in the transformational power of education. Michal is focused on providing an external perspective on the program, and ensuring that students receive relevant, useful, and empowering education in the legal underpinnings of the creative economy.

Lawrence BuchanLawrence Buchan

Co-founder & CEO at Arbutus Medical

 Linkedin lawrencelbuchan

Lawrence Buchan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arbutus Medical, a medical device company that develops surgical devices through an ethos of "frugal innovation" with the goal of improving access to safe surgical equipment worldwide. An impact-driven entrepreneur, Lawrence believes in using business as a force for positive social change. He has a background in orthopedic research and medical device design, with a Master's in Biomedical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Trung TranTrung Tran

Footwear Designer & Developer at Native Shoes

 Linkedin trung-tran

Trung has been working as an athletic footwear designer and developer for the past decade.  He’s worked with NBA athletes on performance basketball products and has created athletic shoes for consumers all over the world. He recently moved to Vancouver to shift his focus on sustainability in the footwear industry and to further understand the challenges and opportunities the industry is facing.  
Trung has been invited to share his experience as a footwear designer to students of the KPU Product Design program. His design path has allowed him to learn from inspiring mentors and he is excited at the opportunity to pay it forward as a guest speaker and Advisory Committee member.