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Emergency Evacuation Procedures: Should I Stay? or Should I Go?


Full Evacuation

  • Gather all your personal belongings in the immediate area – DO NOT DELAY
  • Remain calm, walk, do not run
  • Do not use elevators
  • Follow the instructions of the floor warden or their designate to the nearest stairwell/exit and exit out of the building to the assembly areas
  • Proceed along the corridors and in the stairways in a calm orderly manner
  • Use the wall to guide you in the absence of lighting to the nearest exit
  • Do not go back into the building for any reason until you have been given the "ALL CLEAR" by your floor warden or emergency response personnel

Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities

Each member of the KPU community is encouraged to assist in the safe evacuation of persons with disabilities.

All occupants should know where the Areas of Refuge are and at least two routes to exit the building in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Mobility Challenges

  • On the ground floor with an emergency exit to the outside, exit via the nearest exit and proceed to the assembly area
  • If an individual is unable to exit, assist him/her to an area of refuge
  • Notify the floor warden, security and emergency response personnel about the people remaining in the building and their locations
  • Emergency personnel will decide if they are safe and evacuate them as necessary

Hearing Challenges

  • Get the attention of the person with a hearing disability by touch or eye contact
  • State the problem, write a brief statement if the person does not seem to understand
  • Point to the flashing light which indicates the alarm is sounding
  • Gestures and pointing are helpful
  • Provide visual instructions to the safest route by pointing toward the exit signs

Visual Impairment

  • Offer to lead the individual out of the building
  • Ask if they would like to hold onto your arm as you exit, offer location of debris or if there is a crowd
  • Provide verbal instructions as you are leaving the building to safety
  • Give other verbal instructions that may provide further clarity eg;  elevators or not functioning
  • Continue to hold the individuals attention with conversation and provide updates noting time/distance to the closest exit
  • If the individual chooses to remain in an area of refuge, please provide the information to the floor warden, security and emergency response personnel stating their exact location

Emergency Signs