Assembly Areas

Evacuation assembly areas

When evacuating a KPU building, please go to the nearest emergency assembly area. These are spaces of increased safety and are large enough to allow students and employees to gather and wait for further instructions. It is a good idea to become familiar with the assembly areas of each campus ahead of time.

Surrey Campus Assembly Areas

A19 - South of Arbutus Building

A20 - Southwest of Main Building

A21 - East of Main Building

A22 - Centre Area Between Wings of Main Building

A23 - By Vehicle Entrance West of Main Building

A24 - North of Main Building

A25 - North of Main Building

A26 - East of Main Building

A27 - North of Fir Building

A28 - Parking Lot East of Fir and Arbutus Building

Surrey Campus Assembly Area Map


Tech/Cloverdale Campus Assembly Areas

A1 - Southwest of the Main Entrance

A2 - Southeast of the Building

A3 - East of the Farrier Barn **(This is closest assembly area to Farrier Barn)

A4 - Northwest of the Building

A5 - Inside yard, East of Building

Cloverdale Campus Assembly Areas Map


Langley Campus Assembly Areas

A12 - Southwest of the West Building (South of Parking Lot) - (Close to West and East Buildings)

A13 - South of Brew Land Building

A14 - North of West Building - (Close to West and East Buildings)

A15 - North of East Building - (Close to West and East Buildings)

A16 - North of South Building

A17 - South of West and East Building - (Close to West and East Buildings)

A18 - South of Header House

Langley Campus Assembly Areas Map


Richmond Campus Assembly Areas

A6 - Southwest of Main Entrance

A7 - Southwest of Main Entrance

A8 - East Parking Lot South

A9 - East Parking Lot East

A10 - East Parking Lot North

A11 - West Parking Lot

Richmond Campus Assembly Areas Map


Civic Plaza Assmebly Areas

  • Safeway Parking Lot on City Parkway

Civic Plaza Assembly Areas Map