Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies range in severity and may include: cardiac arrests, serious falls, signs of illness, exposures to hazardous materials, and more.

What to do if you witness a medical emergency

Make sure the area is safe

  • Stay calm
  • Identify any dangers and safeguard the scene. (for example, if someone has fallen in the parking lot, ask bystanders to wave any approaching vehicles away)
  • If the area is unsafe, remain where you are and call 9-1-1

Get Help

  • Ask a bystander to first call 9-1-1 and then call First Aid
  • If you are alone, make the call yourself
  • Be prepared to provide your name, location on campus including building and room number and the nature of the emergency

Stay at the scene

  • Remain with the patient until trained help arrives
  • If you have first aid or medical training, care for the patient as you are able
  • Assist emergency responders and provide any information they request

What to do if you need first aid for a minor injury

You may experience a minor injury while on campus –for example, a cut or an ankle sprain. Facilities personnel are trained to provide minor first aid.