Exchange - Medical Insurance


Mandatory Temporary Insurance Coverage: students coming to Kwantlen as exchange, visiting, or CONAHEC students will automatically be enrolled in the Kwantlen Temporary Insurance Plan upon registration in classes. Coverage begins on the coverage start date or when the student registers for class, whichever date is later. Each student's name, student number, email, gender, and date of birth will be released to the insurer and plan administrators to faciliate this coverage. Specific coverage start and end dates for each semester can be found here. Students will be enrolled in this program each semester upon registration in classes until they provide proof of coverage under the BC Medical Services Plan (BCMSP).

Students staying for one semester

Students staying for one semester will need to purchase insurance for the entire duration of their stay either through Kwantlen. For more information click here.

Students staying for a year

Students staying for one year will need to purchase 3 months of insurance through Kwantlen. Upon arrival at Kwantlen, the student should apply immediately for the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BCMSP). After being in BC for three months, the student will be eligible to start the BCMSP coverage for a monthly charge. BCMSP will give students easier access to medical services in British Columbia. 

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