Mahasarakham University, Thailand Global Learning Experience


Program Details

Opportunities are available for a group of students to visit Mahasarakham University in Thailand and take part in a variety of activities from workshops to site visits and field trips to learn about the Thai culture, language, and medical system. The focus of this international learning experience is mental health and wellness in Thailand


Students will have the opportunity to meet with and interact with Thai nursing students. They will explore the healing properties of traditional Thai medicine and will tour mental health facilities in the province of Maha Sarakham. Students will also interact with leaders from community health and wellness programs and have the opportunity to meet with local individuals participating in the programs. There will also be opportunity for students to visit historic temples and areas of importance in Thai culture.


Maha Sarakham, Thailand
Travel dates: March

Tentative Itinerary

The proposed itinerary covers the following topics and the timeline is as follows:

July: Meet with FoH Global Health Coordinator to discuss possibility of travelling to Thailand
September: – Complete KPU International Global Learning Experience Application and submit deposit
January to February: Take classes at KPU and one pre-departure session
Early March: Depart for Thailand for 3 weeks of scheduled global learning experience
Late March: Depart for Vancouver


  Program Fees Flight
Estimated Fees $2250** Estimated $1100 to $1400***

Two cheques of $250 (a total of $500) non-refundable deposit is required at the time of application. Before the student departs, KPU will return the first half of $250 deposit back to the students. The second half of $250 will be returned back to students after they have completed their global learning experience abroad.

The deposit will be used as a contingency fund.

**Program fee includes accommodation

***Costs may vary. For a more accurate estimate, please search for flights on the departure and return travel dates through your preferred travel provider.

Scholarships and fundraising opportunities

Both scholarships and fundraising opportunities to help students pay for the Global Learning Experience are available.

Click here for information on scholarships and other financial assistance options.

Information about fundraising opportunities:

Payment Schedule

  Program Fee Deadline Where to Pay
Deposit (to reserve your spot)
$500 Non-refundable deposit* September 31 Faculty of Health or KPU International

*Should a participant decide to withdraw from the program after the deposit deadline, s/he will forfeit the non-refundable deposit and this money will remain in the contingency Fund.

Payment of academic fees, due dates, withdrawal charges, refund policies, and associated policies for academic fees are set as per the university calendar.

Please note that should a decision be made by KPU to cancel the program due to low enrolment or other academic/risk issues, participants will be entitled to a full rebate of the deposit.


Pre -requisites as follows:

Students will need to be enrolled in one of the following KPU Faculty of Health programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Advanced Entry
  • Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing

Application Deadline

September 30
Applicants must submit their online application and make their payment of the $500 deposit by this date.
Please pay your $500 deposit directly to the Faculty of Health or KPU International.

Please contact if you’d like more information on how to apply

Contact Information

KPU International

Faculty of Health

Sherilyn Sweeney


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