KPU Surrey Forestry

In August 2019, Facilities Services commissioned BC Plant Healthcare, a professional arborist consultant, to perform an audit with a comprehensive tree inventory of the KPU Surrey forest. 

The work was done in accordance with International Society of Arboriculture Best Management Practices for Tree Risk Assessment and ANSI A3002 Part 9: Tree Risk Assessment, and City of Surrey tree protection bylaw. 

The arborist's report and recommendations form the basis of our tree management strategy and provides vital information regarding:  

  • Safety - what needs to come out? 
  • Wildlife habitat - what should stay as part of the natural environment? 
  • Research - what should stay to support educational outcomes?  

Our tree management strategy will also help inform future natural space use, learning and research spaces, operational improvements, landscape redesigns and strategies for replanting aligned with the KPU2050 Campus Master Plan

Read the full arborist’s report