FAQs | Payroll Services

Q: Who is the contact person in Payroll for my employee group?

Please refer to the Contact page to find the contact person you need to speak to.

Q: Where do I find flex/modified guidelines, information or approval forms?

For flex/modified guidelines, information, and/or approval forms, please refer to this Support page.

Q: Why don't my vacation/overtime bank totals in ESS Leave Balances agree to my records?

You may not have submitted timesheets recording recently taken vacation or banked overtime. Or, your timesheet may have been received after the payroll deadline. Make sure that you have submitted all pertinent timesheets to payroll. If you still can't get the totals to balance, contact Payroll.

Q: How do I notify Payroll of my new address?

To change your address click here. One change through this Human Resources link will change your address for both Payroll and the Registrar's Office.

Q: Where do I find the BCGEU timesheet template?

Open Microsoft Word, choose File > New > _hrtime.dot. You can then Save As to your own directory.
A printable timesheet is also available.

Q: Do I have to submit timesheets for sick leave (i.e. 30 days prior to going on STIP)?

Yes, in order that your paid sick time may be correctly recorded, timesheets must be submitted for the first 30 calendar days of any illness, up to the day on which you commence short term disability coverage. You may submit timesheets in advance, or arrange for your supervisor to submit the relevant timesheets on your behalf after your sick leave commences.

Q: Where do I find my Banner ID or Employee ID number? Position number? Org. code?

Your Banner ID/Employee ID is your 9-digit employee number. You will need this number to access Employee Self-Service and also, you must record your Banner ID number accurately on your timesheets, in order to ensure that you are paid correctly. The Human Resources Department will advise you of your Banner ID number and position number when you commence a new position.

If you have a Kwantlen email address, you will also receive your Banner ID number on the bi-weekly email reminding you of pay day. Your supervisor should be able to supply you with the correct position number and Org. code for your position. These numbers should be entered on all timesheets.

Q: Can I fax my timesheet to you? Do you still need the original?

Yes, you can fax your timesheet to Payroll at 604.599.3141. However, if you fax your timesheet, please do not send in the original unless it is missing an authorizing signature or it is revised.

Also be sure to check the confirmation report to ensure your faxes arrived successfully. You may also scan and email your timesheet to Payroll to the Payroll Officer.

Q: When are my timesheets due?

Please see the Pay Period Schedule for due dates. If you are on a flex schedule, your timesheets must be submitted at the end of week 4.

Q: When is the next payday?

Please see the Pay Period Schedule for pay dates.

Q: How do I get my pay statement?

If you have a Kwantlen email address (firstname.lastname@kwantlen.ca), you can access your pay statement via Employee Self-Service. Click here for Login instructions. If you do not have a Kwantlen email address, your pay statement will mailed to your home address.

Q: How do I record a statutory holiday?

Record statutory holiday hours in the "Regular Hours" section of your Bi-Weekly Timesheet. Employees on modified hours or flexible hours schedules may record only 7 hours for any statutory holiday. Such employees must make sure that they have worked sufficient hours to total 70 hours (2 week schedule) or 140 hours (4 week schedule) in the corresponding period.

Q: How do I change my payroll deposit? How much notice should I give to Payroll? Can I have more than one (1) bank account?

You will need to complete an Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form (P4208). The completed form must reach the Payroll Department no later than one week prior to payday, in order to have your pay deposited to the correct account.

Please take great care when completing the form, as any errors will mean problems with your deposit. You should attach a cheque (marked "void") to the form, or if you want direct deposit to a savings account, have your financial institution complete the "Bank Information" section.

Forms are available in campus mailrooms, in the Payroll Dept and under Forms & Timesheets on the Payroll website. As of October 2003, you may have your pay deposited into up to 2 bank accounts. You may opt for either a fixed amount (i.e. $50.00) or a percentage of your net pay.

Q: I have questions about Maternity./Paternity leave as a BCGEU staff member.

For more information, click here for answers to FAQs about BCGEU Maternity/Parental Leave.