TCM PAC Advisory Committee

Members from Industry

Dr. Weidong Yu, Dr. TCM (Chair)

Dr. Yu holds a Bachelor of Medicine from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Master of Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Free University of Brussels. He has practiced acupuncture and TCM in Belgium, the U.S. and Canada, and served as an assistant research fellow at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. Dr. Yu established the Vancouver-based Wellspring TCM Technology Institute in 1997. He was also president of the B.C. QATCMA.

Dr. Lorne BrownDr. Lorne Brown, Dr. TCM

After a career as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Lorne received his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Vancouver’s International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lorne has postgraduate training in Clinical Hypnosis, Infertility, Cold Laser Therapy and Functional Medicine  Dr. Brown has successfully integrated his entrepreneurial skills and background as a CPA with his passion for Chinese Medicine establishing a very successful fertility practice ( and pioneering online continuing education through Pro D Seminars as well as the Integrative Fertility Symposium ( held in Vancouver for CAM Practitioners worldwide.

Lorne published a practice management book for TCM practitioners called Missing the Point: Why Acupuncturists Fail and what they Need to Know to Succeed:

Dr. Fei Che, Dr. TCM

Dr. Che graduated from Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine University in 1984. He went on to work in a Chinese medicine research center in Haerbin, China, as well as at a university research center in Japan. He has practiced as a TCM doctor in B.C. since 1992, and is the current president of the ATCMA of B.C.

Dr. Elaine Decker, PhD

Dr. Decker graduated from McMaster University, and received her Master degree and a PhD from University of British Columbia. She was the Director, Office of Continuing Professional Education, Faculty of Education of UBC. From 2013 – present Dr. Decker is President of Living Language Institute Foundation.

Mr. David Ding, MA

Dr. Arden Henley

Dr. Henley is the Principal of Canadian Programs for City University of Seattle. He is also an advisor to the Provincial Counsellor Education Task Force, and the former board chair of the CTCMA of B.C. Dr. Henley has practiced family therapy for over 35 years, and has been a consultant on organization development issues for community and government agencies throughout the province, including the City of Vancouver, the BC Public Housing Commission and the Fraser Health region’s Substance Use Services.

Dr. Jeffrey Liu, Dr. TCM

Dr. Liu graduated from Beijing University of TCM and went on to work there, as well as at the Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology of China Academy of TCM. In China, he received a national award in TCM research and published several TCM text books. Dr. Liu has taught and practiced in western medicine and TCM for over 29 years. He has been a member of the CTCMA Inquiry Committee since 2010, and has been an expert witness in a number of inquiry and discipline procedures.

Dr. Sarabjit Romana, PhD

Dr. SaraTCM IPAC Committee Biographybjit Kaur Romana is a Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R. TCMP) who has had her own clinic "Gamdur Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic" for 13years.She also has special training in facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Dr. Romana recognizes the undeniable healing power of Qi, and primarily utilizes acupuncture to treat her patients holistically. In addition, she is an elected Board of Director and chairperson for The British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners (ATCMA). In addition, she is also member of TCM advisory committee in the KPU TCM/Acupuncture program.

Dr.  Romana has had compelling experiences through her practice and medical volunteer work. Moreover, she is Former President (2016) and a proud Rotarian (with numerous executive positions) of the Surrey Newton Rotary Club for the last 10 years. She has since organized annual clothing drives, food drives, community walks, Holiday dinners for the homeless, and Free oral cancer screenings for the community in association with a UBC affiliated clinic. In addition, each year she helps to organize- a grand ticketed community event (i.e. Spelling Bee's, motivational talks, and Debates) to help encourage literacy and educational endeavors. Proceeds from these events go towards post-secondary scholarship money, and overseas projects (i.e. Building a school in the Philippines, providing technology and infrastructure for a hear-impaired school in India, polio-specified electronic wheelchairs for victims to name just a few).

Further she is a founding member of a non-profit organization "The Saheli Foundation" which hosts events geared specifically towards fundraising for children from low income/well fare single-parent families with multiple siblings. The various events through the year help to initiate breakfast programs at school for these children, free grocery deliveries for their families once a month as well as school supplies to enhance their opportunities as students.

Dr. Romana has also been a guest speaker for the CDI massage college, sharing her vast knowledge and expertise.

Prior to her journey with TCM, Dr. Romana is highly qualified as she has;

  • POST Doctorate in Bacteriology I Bacteriology
  • Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine
  • M.Sc. in Microbiology I minor Biochemistry
  • B.Sc. in Science

Further she has taught Microbiology to students attaining their M.Sc. in Biotechnology.

Dr. Sarabjit Kaur Romana embodies the mind and soul of a true healer through not only her service to her patients, but also to her dedication to generate awareness and promote health in the community through several radio/television/public and political events as well as overseas. She takes a particular interest in going beyond the walls of her clinic to take initiative and exhibit her leadership skills through various facets, and shares her knowledge taking on the role of a doctor as teacher.

Dr. John Stan, Dr. TCM

Dr. Stan earned his license to be a doctor of TCM in B.C., and his active participation in professional TCM and acupuncture organizations has contributed to the recognition of both as health professions within the province. He is the founder of Eastern Currents Distributing, which has grown to be one of Canada's largest importers of acupuncture supplies and pre-prepared botanical medicines.

Ms. Jackie Sun, MS

jackieMs. Sun graduated from the Manchester Business School. She has worked in China, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong throughout various senior management positions within areas of scientific instruments, chemicals, real estate development and investments. She is a member of the Development Committee at the Vancouver Art Gallery, as well as a member of the Chief Constable's Community Consultation Committee for the District of West Vancouver.

KPU Representatives

Sharmen Lee, Dean, Faculty of Health

Sarah Beasleigh, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health

John Yang, Ph.D, Dr. TCM

johnyangDr. Yang graduated from Hainan University Medical School, Haikou, China. He received his TCM training at Hainan Provincial Hospital of TCM, Haikou, China and a PhD from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China. As an expert in the field, John has given many national and international presentations and lectures on TCM.

Dr. Yang is the current President of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Colleges of Canada (FTCMCC) and a committee member on the Standards Council of Canada, Canadian Advisory Committees for International Organization for Standardization for TCM. John was elected as professional board member at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA). He was also a member of the Audit Team (Topic Specialist) for the Private Career Training Institution Agency of British Columbia (PCTIA), along with numerous past appointments to other TCM provincial, national and international committees.