Application Systems

Manage, develop and support University Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Learning Management System and administrative systems. Strategize enterprise infrastructure for platform interoperability and systems integration.

Major Functions

  • Maintenance and support of Banner;
  • Portal service for students and employees;
  • Maintenance and support of portal contents;
  • Development and implementation of integrated business and learning applications;
  • Development and implementation of business intelligence solutions;
  • Development and implementation of ministry reporting;
  • Consultation service on technology solutions;
  • Maintenance and support of hosted applications;
  • Strategy for enterprise infrastructure;
  • Architectural design of infrastructure for system integration;
  • Administration of databases;
  • Administration of application servers for web applications;
  • Project management of application software development;
  • Practice of agile software development;

Responsible for administration system development, implementation and support, including partnership with university departments on providing integrated business solutions.

Banner System

Implement, develop and support Banner system, an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system including student records and registration, human resources, purchasing and finance. Implement web self services like Student Self Service, Faculty Self Service and Employee Self Service. Develop and implement reporting solutions on business decision and analysis for departments.

Administrative Systems

In partnership with departments to develop or implement administrative systems specific to department and to integrate with the Enterprise Resource Planning; including the Sirsi Library system, Astra Scheduling system, Raisers Edge Fundraising system, Bookstore Point of Sale system, Titanium counselling system, International Student database and Early Alert system.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

In partnership with Office of Planning & Accountability to continue develop and support the Central Data Warehouse for ministry reporting on enrolment and registration; and also the in-house Enrolment Data Mart. Both are built on Oracle warehouse builder technology. In partnership with Human Resources to continue develop and support the Human Resources Data Mart which is built on QlikView technology.

Portal Services

Implement, develop and support myKwantlen as the University portal to provide student and employee portal services. Maintain and support the infrastructure for integrating the portal with Banner for provision of accounts, authentications and users personal contents. Support user departments in maintaining the contents.


Implement, develop and support Moodle as the University Learning Management System. Maintain and support the infrastructure for integrating Moodle with Banner for student and faculty accounts and courses data; and with myKwantlen for single sign on.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Research and strategize on new approaches to address complex business and technology problems. Identify business application workflow and how it relates to the underlying technology infrastructure. Identify opportunity to reduce technology footprint through consolidating and sharing technical solutions across application architectures as well as retiring obsolete technology.

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