Self Service Password Management

Your initial default password is your birthday in ddMonyyyy format, for example, 09Mar2002

If you are a former student returning for new classes, your password will remain the same as you last set it.

If you are a former employee returning to KPU, your password will remain the same as you last set it.


Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) at KPU allows users to update, recover or reset their password without contacting IT.

To get started, register for SSPR. As part of the registration process you will need to:

  • Setup an authentication phone number
  • Setup an authentication email address
  • Setup some security questions

Once you are setup in the system, you will be able to reset your password online using your choice of phone, email or security questions for authentication.

Security Note

The security that you set up in this system is not used for any other purpose than to confim it's really you requesting a password change or reset.

Microsoft or KPU do not have any tracking access to your personal device.

Password (or Passphrase) Criteria

KPU passwords have requirements as follows to help make them secure and not easy to hack.

Passwords Must Have:
  • A minimum of 9 and a maximum of 256 characters
  • Requires 3 out or the following 4 rules
    • Upper Case characters
    • Lower case characters
    • One or more numbers
    • One or more Symbols as listed below
Characters Allowed
  • Letters A - Z
  • Letters a - z
  • Numbers 0 - 9
  • Symbols @ # $ % ^ & * - _ ! + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , . ? / ` ~ ( ) ;  
  • Blank Space
Characters Not Allowed
  • Unicode Characters are not allowed


For better security, it's recommended to use a Passphrase rather than a Password.

Use a Passphrase with a minimum of 16 characters to create a complex combination that contains upper and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

If a Password is used, it should be a minimum of 9 characters and be as long as possible.

Good Passphrase Examples Good Complex Password Examples Bad Examples (Easy to Guess)
Pa$$ Turtle Phrase Hx%2Pe2fWE Pa$5w0rd!! 5vE@Pu57^j WhiteCaps2018
1plusfourbreaches! 9#fAaXu7y6tt 12345678ABC
Fearlessdrag0nh0rse p39&k1WX3EGxKo GameofThrones
RAINbeachpuddle$ gqEWep8#32v2xF8i Vanc0uv3r
SingingLionorLamb+ Yy6*&u22rB 2-Mar-76
Elephantkickscat!.! Jb06MTKS35 qwerty1234
MonkeyPatsTiger1 854Htt8EvR M0nk3yABC
MamMaMiaLetMeGo! 4Qz7cSPgdAB15wLm ILoveYou


How to Register for SSPR

How to Reset a Password

Ready to get Started?

Click the link for your group.

Already Have SSPR Setup?

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Students Who Are Not in SSPR

We have not enabled SSPR for former students. You can still change your password through your student email account.

  • Log into student email at HERE
  • In the upper right corner of the window, click your Profile icon and View Account.
  • Next, click the CHANGE PASSWORD button.

Student Email - View Account


Change Password Button


Clearing Out Old Passwords

Windows keeps track of password data in the background and automatically updates as needed.

This data can interfere with a password change, so it can help to clear out the old data.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Credential Manager
  • Switch the view to Windows Credentials
  • Highlight and delete Microsoft Office related data

Try applying a password change after clearing out the old information.

Update a Local Laptop Password

Employees with VPN access can follow this process after changing a KPU password while off-campus.

  • Connect to VPN with your new password
  • Press the Windows Key together with the "L" key to lock the laptop
  • Enter your new password to both unlock the laptop and update the local password