Technology Infrastructure

The IT Department plans and manages the implementation, operation, maintenance and ongoing support of technology for university-wide data communications and network services.

Major Functions

  • University-wide data communications and network services;
  • University-wide computing servers;
  • University-wide voice telephone and voice messaging services.
  • Plan and implement infrastructure technology for new buildings and renovations.
  • Analyze and plan specific information and educational technology infrastructure to support required services.
  • Define University computing technology standards through consultation with key client groups and representatives.
  • Provide input into strategic plans for the institution.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of technology-based services.
  • Create and maintain a positive environment within the department, which is conducive to effective communications.
  • Provide leadership to the team.
  • Telecommunication infrastructure planning & administration

Responsible for overseeing the provision of technologies services to the University and in doing so acts as the liaison between the University, Vendors, Consultants and the Information and Educational Technology Department.

Consults with and advises other University administrators and faculty regarding the use of information technology resources in their departments/disciplines.

Network infrastructure

Designs, implements and administers the network infrastructure providing network connectivity on campus and between campuses and to the internet. Administers and maintain the network for security, availability and performance.

Server administration

Installs server supporting campus information systems. Performs administration of the servers to maintain day-to-day operations. Maintains user accounts and controls access to University information resources.

Telephone/Voicemail system

Administers and support the University telephone and voicemail systems. Purchases, installs and maintain telephone sets. Coordinates the installation of voice/data runs.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backing up and maintain media in a secure environment for all the University services. We backup the entire network 6 days a week which takes approximately 7 hours each night. Tech Services on a daily basis checks to ensure that the backups were successfully then logs them and stores the media in a secure environment. Each campus get's backed up individually where by someone has to physically be at the campus to change the media each day. Tech services also provides a restore service,. if a user loses or deletes data accidentally we have the ability to restore the data form a previous version of the backup. The backups also service a disaster/recover service, in the event of a major disaster.

Kwantlen Future Expansion & Growth

Technology Infrastructure is responsible in the design and implementation for data, voice, computer room and communication room requirements for new buildings, major & manor renovations including additional requirements due to departmental growth.

Planning this takes a tremendous amount of forecasting future requirements, understanding budgetary issues, looking at user requirements and understanding long and short term needs.

Technology Infrastructure is constantly researching new technologies and planning for future growth of the Kwantlen University community.

For additional information, support, training, or assistance contact us,


IT Service Desk @ 604.599.2116
Location: 1st Floor, Arbutus Building, Surrey Campus