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Unified Login – a new way to log-in to most KPU IT systems – is coming June 17  [Find Out More]

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Unified Login

What is Unified Login?

From 6:00 PM on June 17, 2023, Unified Login will simplify the user experience for students and employees by providing one login method to access applications listed in

What does Unified Login mean for me?

From June 17, KPU students and employees will use their KPU-issued email address ( or, instead of using their “KPU ID Number”, to login to applications listed in

Why Unified Login?

Depending on the application one is trying to access, there are currently two ways to login. One is using “KPU ID Number” and the other being a KPU-issued email address. For example, “Student Email (New Version)” requires a email address whereas “Register for Classes” requires “KPU ID Number” to login. With Unified Login both applications will use a KPU-issued email address from June 3.

Affected Student Applications

All student logins from that use student numbers prior to June 17th will now require the full student email address to access those applications.


The following applications will be excluded from the Unified Login until a later time:

Career Connection

Affected Employee Applications

As part of this initiative, the following applications’ sign-on will be affected.  All employee logins to these applications will require MFA (multifactor authentication) moving forward.

Admin Pages (Banner 9)
Banner 9 apps (Employee Self Service, General Self Service, Student Self Service Registration, Web Time Entry, Student Profile, BDM, Communication Management)
Course Feedback
Course Leaf
Degree Works
FAST (Finance, HR, WebReq, PCARD, Budget, etc)
Fitness Fusion
My Library Account
Online Self-Service (OSS.KPU.CA)
Register Blast
Simply Voting
TeamDynamix (Facilities request)
Tutor Ocean
UPASS (TransLink)

Employee login tip

Employees using the Microsoft Edge Browser are automatically logged into applications listed in when they log into the laptop or desktop computer KPU provided. Other web browsers require you to authenticate once.

Student Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Due to the increase in cyber security threats targeted at KPU Students,  the Information Security Team will be launching MFA for students in a phased approach starting in Summer 2023.