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KPU Surrey Campus

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Wireless Availability

KPU offers wireless (Wi-Fi) network service in all interior locations on the Langley, Surrey, Richmond, and Tech campuses.

KPU has extended wireless network coverage outside the buildings in select areas on the Surrey, Richmond and Langley campuses.

Extended Wi-Fi Richmond Extended Wi-Fi Surrey Extended Wi-Fi Langley
Extended Wi-Fi Richmond Picture Extended Wi-Fi Surrey Picture Extended Wi-Fi Langley Picture
Richmond – North Underground Parking Surrey – Parking Lot South of Cedar Langley – Parking Lot by South Building


Three Wi-Fi services are outlined as follows.

KPUSecureStudent: an encrypted network service for currently-enrolled students.

  • Student number and PIN (or password) required to log in.
  • On-campus access will be automatic after the first-time setup.

KPUSecureEmployee: an encrypted network service for current employees.

  • Employee login name and password required to log in.
  • On-campus access will be automatic after the first-time setup.

KPUGuest: an unencrypted, public network service for visitors and guests.

  • Mobile phone required to receive an access code.

Secure wireless network logins are tied to student enrollment and employee status. Student wireless accounts expire 16 weeks after a semester ends. Employee accounts expire at the end of the term of employment.

The KwantlenWeb network is available as an unsecured alternate service in case our secure networks are not accessible. KwantlenWeb is available to current students and employees only.

System Requirements

We use the widespread Wi-Fi standard 802.11a/g/n environment. To access Kwantlen Wi-Fi, you need to have a device (such as a laptop computer or smart phone) that supports the wireless standards. To connect to Kwantlen Wi-Fi, students, employees and guests need the following:

  • IEEE 802.11a/g/n hardware installed and turned on

KPUSecureStudent/ KPUSecureEmployee

For secure network connection and login, please read the following documents:

! Please Note: our Certificate Server names have changed from referencing "Kwantlen", they are now in the form,, etc.


KPU Guest Access

When logging into the 'KPUGuest' network, guests will be prompted for a mobile phone number. A numeric access code will be sent to that mobile phone as a text message. The guest will then enter the access code into the login form and access to the network will be granted.  Access will remain valid for a 24-hour period on each guest device before they will be prompted to log in again, even if the guest leaves and re-joins the 'KPUGuest' network during that period.


KPUGuest Login Screen


eduroam Wireless Network

eduroam is a collaborative network of secure wireless access in educational institutes. It allows students, faculty, and staff at KPU to use their KPU credentials to login to wireless both on the KPU campuses, and at the campuses of other participating educational institutes around the province and the world. It also allows students, faculty, and staff of those other institutions to login to wireless at KPU.

Connecting to eduroam

It is recommended that you set up and test eduroam access while at Kwantlen before you travel, so that when you visit another eduroam member institution your access will work automatically. Please refer to the following documents:

For additional information, support, training, or assistance contact us,


IT Service Desk @ 604-599-2116
Location: 1st Floor, Arbutus Building, Surrey Campus