Post Baccalaureate Diploma: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Study the best practices and proven models for managing operations and supply chains as you gain the skills, tools, and techniques necessary for success in the field.

The world has entered the extraordinary period of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) has a decisive role as a primary competitiveness-enhancing function of any activity. Organizations can’t exist without the goods and the services they produce; everything is structured around such goods and services. OSCM includes the design of goods and services, and the design of the "transformation" processes that create and deliver them through the complex journeys from the original suppliers of inputs to the final consumers. Operations and Supply Chain Managers must make strategic decisions regarding Product and Process design, Planning, Capacity analysis, Location and Layout choices, selection of Suppliers and Supply Chain design; they are expected to manage hands-on Procurement and Allocation of inputs, Flow of materials, people and information, Quality assurance, Logistics, and various unique Projects. They are called to drive productivity increase and the continual improvement of goods, services, and processes at competitive costs and quality levels while responding to stringent social responsibility requirements. OSCM achievements are grounded on the relentless advances in information technology as well as many other technological developments; the operations and supply chain managers must be able to adopt these technologies into their operations and adapt their operations to the new technologies.

The OSCM Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program allows our students to learn how to apply in the real-world fundamental business management concepts together with specific tools and techniques – quantitative and qualitative – that have been successfully tested in the numerous and varied OSCM fields. By developing their decision-making abilities and their skills in solving practical problems, our students gain confidence in their capabilities to improve performance in any type of operation. Our graduates develop their unique, well-rounded competence in OSCM, a truly portable specialization so much coveted by firms large and small, both in manufacturing and service industries. The OSCM graduates are needed to be the driving force for effective innovation, increased productivity, better quality and more competitive cost structures in public as well as privately-held firms, not-for-profit and government organizations, or their family’s business in Canada and anywhere in the world.

Our large faculty is diverse and draws inspiration from the progress and success of our students. The OSCM teaching is entrusted to people who possess advanced academic degrees, professional designations, and specializations that are closely related to their courses; moreover, they have direct and substantial management experience with the very topics of our well-designed learning materials. The teaching approaches of our faculty are innovative, result-oriented, student-focused, and geared toward ensuring that our graduates succeed in their quest for rewarding jobs or effective management of their own businesses.

Upon completion, you may also pursue professional accreditations or designations through the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada, the Project Management Institute, or the American Society for Quality.

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