Part-time job opportunity - Research Assistant in the area of waste management

Want to become a part-time Research Assistant in the area of waste management?

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The internship/research assistant position is an appointment under the Office of Research and Scholarship at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Under the supervision of research facilitators and regular faculty who are conducting the research project, the intern will be responsible for assisting a research team in a variety of non-administrative tasks which may include: preparing documents, resources, equipment and materials for the research and documenting results etc. in support of the research activities. The research team, consisting of design, business and environmental experts, is currently working to develop a solution to a problem identified by a government partner (the City of Surrey) in the area of clean technology (specifically waste management). Currently, the team is developing a working prototype/viable solution to help divert more organic waste away from the city’s landfill.

Typical Duties include:

  • Research and data collection through complex techniques and procedures
  • Interprets, synthesizes and analyzes data
  • Reports results to the team and client
  • Tests and modifies prototype equipment
  • Writes and edits findings, business model and (possibly) an educational awareness campaign for waste management practices
  • Meets with City of Surrey liaison, building managers, and research team biweekly
  • Performs other related duties as required


Currently studying in the areas of either environmental studies, physics, mathematics, business or design with experience and authority in the subject matter. A diploma or degree in these areas is an asset.


Subject knowledge and oral/written communication skills to discuss and document research progress and report findings. Ability to work independently, accurately and to problem solve technical and methodological issues that arise during prototype testing and business model development. Ability to apply sound research techniques, methodology and logical critical analysis in one or more of the areas of expertise outlined above. Strong organization and interpersonal skills.