Animal Care & Use Training Course

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is the national body that oversees animal-based scientific activities at universities in Canada. Appropriate training for all personnel involved in animal-based research and teaching is an essential component of any institutional animal care and use program, and is required by the CCAC.

This course is based on the CCAC's Core Stream training module and provides basic theoretical training on the ethical care and use of animals.

All animal users at KPU are required to complete the Animal Care and Use Training course prior to commencing work involving animals.

The course should take 60-90 minutes or less to complete, and a score of 100% is required on each of the four quizzes to complete the course.

KPU users may self-enroll here: Animal Care and Use Training Moodle Course. For course access for individuals without a KPU ID, please contact the ACC Coordinator (