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Check out our KPU faculty and student Researcher Profiles. See what our researchers are up to, what they have accomplished, and where they are going.

Student Highlights

Creating a Mindful World - One Place at a Time, One Mind at a Time

Kathrin Arcari is a KPU student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Counselling who has a keen interest in education abroad and human interaction. She has travelled to over 21 countries developing deep personal connections with people, land, and culture. One country she is particularly fond of is Uganda. There, Kathrin was able to develop close relationships with the local people. This opportunity arose while Kathrin was working as a KPU research assistant for Dr. Kyle Matsuba and his research surrounding mindfulness. Kathrin and Kyle brought this research to Uganda, where they taught the locals new mindfulness practices, such practices can help those suffering from post-traumatic stress – a necessary skillset for those dealing with the psychological aftermath of the 2006 civil war.  [Read More...]

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Calvin Tiu is an English Major at KPU, who has produced more than 20 solo rap albums. He has performed at the Yaletown Olympic venue during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver for a crowd of 12,000, and at the Sapphire Gala in Surrey for the Child Development Foundation of B.C. As an advocate for innovative education techniques, Calvin has exceeded the expectations of the classroom and has broken the mold of standard English learning practices to include rap literature. [Read More...]

Under City

Connor Doyle is a poet and prose writer who recently graduated from KPU with a double major in Creative Writing and English Literature. Actively engaged in the writing community, Connor is the co-founder and managing editor for Pulp magazine, a magazine operated and owned by KPU students for students. He is also the founder and former president of the KPU Creative Writing Guild, which is one of the longest running student societies at KPU. Currently, Connor is the Events Coordinator of Misfit Lit, an art and literature based website and magazine all about misfits, and is a tutor in KPU’s Learning Centre.  [Read More...]

Faculty Highlights

Accounting is About More than Just's About Making Better Decisions

Ron Messer is a faculty member in the Melville School of Business at KPU whose research interests focus broadly on management accounting and decision making. A graduate of six universities, Ron holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in both public and business administration. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant with 25 years of working experience in financial planning, corporate finance, and cost accounting. His essays have appeared in journals in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  [Read More...]

Predicting from Spatial Data & Statistics

Dr. Stephen Peplow is a faculty member in the Melville School of Business at KPU whose research interests are in geographical information systems (GIS), statistics and agent-based modelling. His focus is on agricultural issues, especially the true value of farmland.  An advocate for open-source software and ‘data liberation’, Stephen makes the code and datasets for his research projects available online.  [Read More...]

Hearing the Voices of the People

Kamala Nayar is a faculty member specializing in South Asian Studies at KPU who is committed to interdisciplinary inquiry. With an interest in ethnic studies, especially in relation to Canadian society, Kamala’s research has made significant contribution to scholarly literature surrounding the social, cultural, political, and economic conditions of minorities. As well, her research proves to be an asset in the classroom, as it is able to draw students into lectures by offering real life field stories and ethnographic narratives.  [Read More]

Making Selfies/Making Self Research Project

Katie Warfield is a KPU faculty member in the department of Journalism and Communication at the Surrey Campus. She is the lead researcher of the Making Selfies/Making Self Research Project, and is a leading Canadian authority on selfies and on-line self-portraiture. Katie is also one of a select number of selfie researchers, around the world who has received ethics approval for research on selfies. [Read More...]

Research Impact

KPU faculty members Katie Warfield, Aaron Goodman, and Chad Skelton are all driven to understand the digital world and how its mediated images are processed, analyzed, and assessed by surrounding audiences. The three members are interested in three main categories of research: (1) critical digital visual literacy, (2) digital visual storytelling, and (3) data visualization. [Read More...]