Transfer Credit Database from Abertay University

Abertay University in Scotland

Transfer credit equivalency shown in the table below is from past assessments done. The following history indicates how a class has been previously assessed but is not necessarily the only way that a class can come back to KPU. The equivalency is subject to change over time with new assessments of the transfer credit needed to be done through a Learning Agreement and Transfer Credit Memo process. This is done for Study Abroad students going abroad through an exchange program when the new course outline of the foreign course is received and assessed by KPU faculty and OREG for transfer back to KPU. Also, availability and access to classes at the partner institution is subject to change.  

If you have any questions about how courses from abroad could come back and aid for your program at KPU, please contact an academic advisor of your program and discuss more with them.  

If you have questions on this transfer credit process for study abroad exchange purposes to partner Universities and for participation in a Study Abroad program email and you can make an appointment with a Study Abroad Coordinator.  

FacultyPartner Course: Code - Name (Credit Value)Kwantlen Equivalent: Code (Credit Value) Date Assessed (dd/mm/yyyy)
ArtsCRM 306 – Drugs, Addiction, and Society (20 credits)CRIM 3270 (3 credits)21-Jun-2023
ArtsSPS 207 – Placement and Skill Development When Working With 
Children in a Physical Activity Context (20 credits)
EDUC 4XXX (4 credits)31-Jul-2023
ArtsPSY302 - Human Development Across the Lifespan (20 SCQF)PSYC 2320 (3 credits)23-Jan-2023
ArtsCNS305 - Mental Health Psychology: Living with a Diagnosis (20 SCQF)PSYC 3350 (3 credits)23-Jan-2023
ArtsPSY 206 - Essential Research Methods and Analysis for Psychology (20 SCQF)PSYC 2400 (3 credits)23-Jan-2023
ArtsPSY 216 - Psychology in the Real World (20 SCQF)PSYC 2XXX (3 credits)23-Jan-2023
ArtsPSY303 - Advanced Research, Design, and Analysis (20 SCQF)PSYC 3400 (3 credits)23-Jan-2023
ArtsPSY301 Human Variability: Psychobiology and Behaviour (20 credits)PSYC 3XXX (3 credits)16-Aug-2023
ArtsPSY 215 – Tomorrow’s Child (20 credits)PSYC 2XXX (3 credits)16-Aug-2023
ArtsPSY 313 - Eyewitness Psychology: Applying Memory Research from Crime Scene to Court (20 credits)PSYC 3XXX (3 credits)16-Aug-2023
ArtsPSY 315 - Evidence Based Thinking: Advanced Perspectives on Human Behaviour (20 credits)PSYC 3XXX (3 credits)16-Aug-2023
ArtsPSY 314 – Social Cognition Across the Lifespan (20 credits)PSYC 3XXX (3 credits)16-Aug-2023
ArtsPSY 304- Psychology and Technology: Advanced Methods (20 credits)PSYC 3XXX (3 credits)16-Aug-2023
ArtsSOC 301 – Contemporary Social Theory (20 credits)SOCI 3300 (3 credits)31-May-2023
ArtsSOC 303 – Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration (20 credits)SOCI 3XXX (3 credits) 31-May-2023

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