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Apply to Co-operative Education

So you're interested in adding Co-op to your program? You've come to the right place! Follow the steps below and you could be on your way to real life work experience related to your program of study.

STEP 1 - Do you meet the entrance requirements?

The Co-op option is only offered in select programs. You must meet the Entrance Requirements for your program. If you are unsure, email us at For more details on the available programs go to the Co-op Programs page.


For most programs a student must DECLARE his/her major before the Co-op Application form can be approved. UNDECLARED and INTENDED program majors are not eligible for some Co-op programs. To declare your program visit or book an appointment with an advisor in your faculty.

STEP 2 - Submit the Co-op Application form through Career Connection.

Submit your Co-op Application Form through Career Connection.

  1. Sign in to Career Connection using your Kwantlen ID (myKwantlen user name and password). If this is your first time, update your profile to continue.
  2. On the homepage, click on "Apply to Co-op" on the right hand side under "Shortcuts".
  3. Once the form is complete, click "Submit Application". (Note: you will not receive a confirmation that your application has gone through. However, if your information is locked into the form, then the application has successfully been completed)

STEP 3 - Receive confirmation from the Co-op office

The application process takes approximately 10 business days to complete. You will receive either of the following emails from the Co-op office explaining the result:

  • Your application is Approved. You are now eligible to register for COOP 1101: Job Search Techniques on.after your registration date. If you are unable to secure a seat for the upcoming semester, put yourself on the waitlist or you can try again for the next semester.
  • Your application is Declined. You will receive an email that will contain a reason(s) why your application was declined. If you are unsure why your application was declined, locate the Entrance Requirements for your program for full details. You can reapply once you meet the entrance requirements for your program.

Questions or problems using the system please contact us at: