An Educative Approach to Academic Integrity

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An Educative Approach to Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is about so much more than just not cheating or plagiarizing. At KPU, we are striving to develop a culture of academic integrity through a holistic educative approach where all members of the university community are supported in ways that ensure academic work is conducted ethically and with integrity. This culture of academic integrity is promoted through a focus on awareness, prevention, and approaches to academic misconduct.

Why take an educative approach?

While many universities have historically taken a punitive and reactive approach to academic dishonesty that is focused on rule compliance, there has been widespread recognition that this has limited success in the prevention of academic dishonesty, and that a more educative, holistic, and proactive approach is needed.[1][2] Academic integrity research indicates that an educative approach to academic integrity can be an effective way to prevent academic integrity breaches.[3]  Such an approach allows for deeper consideration of the complex factors contributing to academic misconduct and student success in general. Addressing academic integrity from an educative and holistic standpoint aligns with KPU’s Vision 2023 around KPU being supportive, inclusive, and focused on continuous improvement and collective responsibility.[4]

An educative approach considers academic integrity as:

  • Not solely an ethical or moral issue, but also as developmental and skills-based
  • Culturally informed
  • An area where academic misconduct procedures are one part of a bigger picture that also includes education and prevention strategies

What can an educative approach look like at KPU?

  • Promoting academic integrity as a shared responsibility throughout the institution
  • Recognizing and addressing diverse cultural understandings of academic integrity as well as root causes of academic misconduct
  • Communicating institutional expectations around academic integrity explicitly and often
  • Educating students about why academic integrity is important and the impact of academic misconduct on the university community
  • Helping students develop skills that enable academic integrity
  • Ensuring students can access institutional resources to support them in learning with integrity
  • Using academic misconduct meetings and investigations as formative opportunities as well as having meaningful consequences for students

Early Alert

If you have a student that seems to be struggling, consider referring them to Early Alert, a proactive program that enables KPU faculty to connect students to KPU resources. Early Alert supports students at-risk with timely invitations to engage in KPU resources and support services, such as Academic Advising, Counselling, Access Services, the Learning Centre, or Student Awards & Financial Services.