Tips for learning with integrity

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1. Understand what academic integrity is and what is considered a breach of academic integrity at KPU


2. Plan ahead

  • Start your assignments early so you are not rushing to finish before the deadline. Time management is an important way to avoid academic integrity violations
  • Meet with a Learning Strategist at the Learning Centres for help planning your time

3. Understand assignment and exam instructions

  • Ask your instructors to clarify instructions and expectations before you begin any assignment
  • Some questions to ask:
    • Do I need to complete this assignment on my own or can I work with a partner or group?
    • I don’t understand the instructions. Can you please explain them to me?
    • What reference style should I use for this assignment? How should I cite my sources? How would you like me to give credit to the ideas I find and use that are not my own?
    • Is this test open or closed book? Can I look at my notes or other materials during the exam?
    • What tools can I use to complete the assignment? Is using generative artificial intelligence tools (like ChatGPT) acceptable?

4. Do your work on your own

  • Assume all assignments are to be done independently by you, unless your instructor specifically tells you that you can work with others or that group work is required
  • Sit away from your friends during examinations so you can focus on keeping your eyes on your own work
  • Support others in doing their own work by not sharing your answers or assignments with peers. It can be difficult to say no when a friend asks you, but you put your education as well as the education of your friends at risk by sharing your work

5. Know where to go for help

  • Talk to your instructor if you are struggling or not sure about something
    • Attend your instructor’s office hours or send them an email to discuss your situation and find out what kind of help is available
  • Learning Strategists – Meet with a strategist from The Learning Centres who can help you learn skills to prevent academic integrity violations and achieve your academic goals
  • The Learning Centres – In addition to learning strategists, you can access tutoring, workshops, and learning aids that can support you in your academic success
  • Library Academic Integrity Liaison – Speak with a librarian who can help you learn how to do university-level research, find good, reliable sources to use in your assignments, and cite those sources appropriately
  • Academic Advising - Meet with an academic advisor who can help you select the right courses to succeed in your studies
  • Career Advising - If you are experiencing financial pressure and are looking to find a job, KPU offers career advising through the Career Development Centre, including support for resumes, interviews, and more. Senior Melville School of Business students can also meet with a Student Success Coach to develop a personalized plan.
  • Counselling Services  - Arrange a meeting with a counsellor for emotional support and guidance
  • KPU’s 24/7 Student Support Program – My SSP - Get mental health support by telephone or chat in your preferred language
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities Office – The office provides accurate, consistent, and balanced information on KPU policies to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a KPU student
  • KSA Student Rights Centre - Speak with trained student volunteers about university life and get connected with helpful resources
  • Kwantlen Student Association Peer Support Resource Centre - Speak with trained student volunteers about university life and get connected with helpful resources

6. Get the right kind of help

  • Getting help from KPU services is a great way to support your studies and ensure that you are maintaining academic integrity in your work. It is also free! 
    • For example, you can use Draft Coach to get feedback on your writing to help with grammar, citations, and avoiding plagiarism. 
  • Many online services that claim they will provide tutoring or other help are unethical. Learn more about what to look for in a good tutor here
  • Do not use unauthorized course material sharing websites. These companies claim to help students share notes and do homework; however, using answers from these sites and posting exam questions to these sites can be considered  cheating. Sharing course materials such as assignment questions with these sites is also a violation of your instructor’s intellectual property and can mean that you are assisting others in cheating. These can all be considered academic integrity violations
  • Do not share your KPU account information with others (e.g. your moodle password, your KPU email password) for both academic integrity and IT security reasons. You should be the only person accessing your KPU moodle and KPU email.

7. Learn to incorporate and cite the ideas of others correctly

  • Use quotation marks for anything you write down that is not in your own words
  • Always be clear about which ideas and words are yours and which belong to someone else
  • Make sure you take note of page numbers, authors, and other source information
  • Follow citation style guidelines
  • The Learning Centres at KPU have workshops that can help you learn more about how to incorporate the ideas of others into your writing. You can also seek help from Learning Strategists, Peer Tutors, and learning aids to support you
  • Speak to a librarian who can help answer questions about citations and references as well as questions specifically about academic integrity and plagiarism

8. Use an academic integrity checklist

  • When working on an assignment, there are many different things to consider, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. The academic integrity checklist is a useful tool to remind you of some of these things which can help you complete your work with academic integrity.

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