Policy and Procedures

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Policy and Procedure ST2

Student Academic Integrity Policy Student Academic Integrity Procedure

For students: Please speak with your instructor, an academic advisor, or contact the Dean's Office. 
For faculty: Please contact your Dean's Office or KPU's Academic Integrity Unit: academic.integrity@kpu.ca
For Continuing and Professional Studies (CPS): Please contact cps@kpu.ca

Dean's Office Contacts

If you don’t know which Dean’s Office to contact, you can find out by looking up the course here, by asking your instructor, or by emailing one of the Dean’s Offices below for assistance. 

Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation: acpdeansoffice@kpu.ca
Faculty of Arts: arts@kpu.ca
Melville School of Business: ai.business@kpu.ca
Faculty of Health: FoH@kpu.ca
Faculty of Science: science&horticulture@kpu.ca
Faculty of Trades and Technology: joel.murray@kpu.ca
Wilson School of Design: design@kpu.ca