Introduction to Academic Integrity Tutorial (Revised 2023)

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This tutorial was created collaboratively between the Academic Integrity Unit and Library. It is based in part on KPU's Academic Integrity Tutorial that was actively used from 2020-2023. The previous tutorial contained parts on writing and citing, whereas the new tutorial focuses solely on academic integrity. The new tutorial includes links to the different writing and citing resources available at KPU for students to explore after completing the tutorial.

To access the revised tutorial, you will need to enrol in the tutorial through Moodle at: There is no cost to take this tutorial and it is open to all KPU students.

This new tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. What academic integrity means at KPU 
  2. Why academic integrity is important 
  3. The most common examples of academic misconduct 
  4. What happens if you are involved in academic misconduct 
  5. Why people might engage in academic misconduct 
  6. Strategies and resources to help you uphold academic integrity

Student FAQs

How do I enroll in this tutorial?

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in with your student ID and password
  3. Self-enrol in the tutorial by clicking "Enrol Me"

Please note that this tutorial is on a different Moodle site than your regular classes.

What are the technical requirements?

We recommend completing the course on a laptop.

The course should be viewable on all devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones with a variety of different browsers. However, we discourage the use of Internet Explorer as it is not supported by Microsoft anymore.

How do I get the badge?

To get the badge, you will need to reach the end of the tutorial (Page 9.6). To do so, you will need to complete all the activities/exercises and final quiz with 100%.

What if I do not complete the activities/exercises or final quiz in the tutorial with 100%?

You can redo the activities/exercises and final quiz as many times as you need to get the required percentage to move on. We encourage you to review the feedback that is provided after you submit your answer. 

I have completed the tutorial - how do I find my "Introduction to Academic Integrity" badge?

You can find your badge on your Moodle "Profile." The badge serves as proof of completion. Review the following page for step-by-step instructions:…-

The new digital badge icon is below:


What if my badge doesn't show up in Moodle?

First check to see if you have unhidden badges on your Moodle Profile by following the instructions at the bottom of….

If you have successfully completed the tutorial, but have not been awarded a badge after 30 minutes, please send an email to You will know that you have reached the end of the tutorial upon seeing the Congratulations image below.

Page 9.6.PNG

What if I have already completed the old version of the Academic Integrity Tutorial - do I need to complete this new version as well?

We recommend that students complete this new version as well as the information and examples have been updated. It is also a good refresher for students. If you have successfully completed the old version of the Academic Integrity Tutorial, your badge will remain on your Moodle Profile. If your instructor is requiring you to complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial, it will be up to your instructor whether or not to accept the old badge.

For other questions about this tutorial, please email 


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