Employers frequently rank graduates of English programs as among their most versatile and adaptable employees. This is because graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in English acquire skills that are not confined to a single career path; their studies allow them to pursue a wide range of personal and professional goals. Thinking critically, analyzing deeply, and communicating clearly are skills demanded by 21st- century employers who value nimble, creative, thoughtful employees. The KPU English degree is a strong first step towards further credentials such as K-12 teacher certification, law degrees, and a range of Master's degrees.

English graduates often become...

  • educators
  • journalists
  • marketing specialists
  • social workers
  • writers
  • lawyers
  • librarians
  • policy writers
  • filmmakers
  • editors
  • actors

For further information about life after an English degree, see Career Services.

The English Department offers annual sessions on applying for graduate school. Watch our social media pages to stay up to date about these sessions and other opportunities within our community. 

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