ENGL 1100

WHO takes English 1100 at Kwantlen?

It’s not just a degree requirement. Students who enroll in English 1100 often do so to fulfill many degree requirements at KPU and elsewhere, but English 1100 is not just a required course. It is also a great opportunity to upgrade your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

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WHAT will I learn?

In addition to learning the essentials of writing university essays and term papers, you will develop important skills that will help you succeed in your other classes and in your career.

Some of the writing skills you will develop include

  • Understanding the correct use of academic tone and style
  • Thinking about audience, purpose, and occasion
  • Expressing yourself coherently, logically, and effectively
  • Planning, analyzing, revising, and editing your writing
  • Generating, organizing, and synthesizing ideas
  • Gathering information and research to develop and support your ideas
  • Integrating source material purposefully and effectively in your writing
  • Using formal documentation styles such as APA and MLA
  • Working with others to offer and receive writing feedback and suggestions
  • Avoiding plagiarism

But English 1100 isn’t only about writing. It is about thought.

So you will also learn how to

  • Think critically and logically
  • Examine and evaluate structure, logic, style, and evidence in a variety of writing
  • Analyse, interpret, and respond to the work of other writers
  • Read “between the lines” by drawing inferences from language and structure
  • Discuss and debate important social and cultural issues
  • Formulate strong academic arguments

English students

WHEN is the best time to take it?

As soon as you can. English 1100 is an important, skills-based course that will help you in virtually every other course you take as a post-secondary student. Students who take English 1100 late in their programs often regret not taking it sooner.

WHERE are the classes available?

You can sign up for daytime or evening classes on the Richmond, Surrey, or Langley campuses—or
you can take the class partially or fully online. Regardless of which option you choose, all of our classes are limited to a maximum of 25 students, which means you get the individual attention and feedback that can make all the difference. KPU’s academic advisors can help you create a schedule that works
for you.

English students

WHY is this the right course for me?

What do students say about English 1100?

English 1100 can be a challenging course for some, but would you want it any other way? It is only by being challenged that we grow personally and professionally. Here are a few samples of what past students have said about the course:

“I am very satisfied with English 1100 because it developed my writing/language skills even more than the three English classes taken at a different university. It really helped enhance my writing ability.”

“Textual analysis and essay writing were areas that were developed particularly well. I am more confident now in my
essay writing and analyzing skills.”

“My expectations were exceeded! This course made me excited about English and writing.”

“I thought that my English 1100 class was really great. It is a fantastic first-year English course because it gives students all the writing skills they need to do well in university.”

Meet our instructors.

E-mail enquiries may be directed to studentinfo@kpu.ca
*ENGL 1100 is transferable to many other institutions. Refer to the BCCAT Transfer Guide for further information.