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Bill Burgess


My educational background is a Ph.D. in economic geography at UBC, which followed an MA in urban planning at UBC and a BA in economics at Queens in Ontario. I worked in the BC forest industry for a dozen years.



I’ve been at KPU since 2003. I usually teach three of the following courses in the fall and spring semesters: Geog 1101 (Human), 2140 (Canada), 2120 (Economic), 2250 (Urban), 2390 (Data), Research Methods (3100) and Geographical Thought (3260).

Here are evaluations by students in recent semesters:
Spring 2012: Geog 1101 (Introduction), Geog 2140 (Canada) , Geog 2250 (Urban)
Fall 2011: Geog 1101 (Introduction), Geog 1101 (Introduction), Geog 2120 (Economic), Geog 3100 (Research Methods)



I 'm currently working on two main areas: 1) the relationship between social inequality and population health; and 2) ownership connections between financial and industrial corporations in Canada. Below are links to past papers on these subjects; I am workng on extensions/updates to both.

My Ph.D dissertation arguing that Canada is an imperialist country is available here: Burgess (2002).


Hint of political persuasions:

I am modestly active in my faculty association (KFA, FPSE local 5) and the labour movement more generally, and in the solidarity movement with Haiti.