Honours Program Application

Fall 2024 Application Deadline:  May 1st, 2024!

For questions about this form, please contact psychology@kpu.ca.



Psychology Honours Program
Please see the Psychology Honours site. Once familiar with the structure and expectations of the Honours Program, please complete this application form. 

Please Note: in order to fill out this application you will need to have:

  • Identified a potential thesis supervisor, in addition to an alternate supervisor in case your first choice is unavailable;
  • Discussed your prospective honours project with your first-choice potential thesis supervisor;
  • Checked off, in the application below, that you have spoken with your first choice thesis supervisor and he/she has agreed to supervise your honours thesis if you are accepted into the Honours program;
  • Identify a reference that can speak to your capabilities as a potential honours student (instructor/potential supervisor preferred);
  • Complete an approximate 500-word description of your proposed research (you may include citations).

Applicants are ineligible if they have graduated or have applied for graduation prior to the Honours program. Applicants must be continuing their studies at KPU to be eligible for the Honours program.

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Contact Information
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Grade Information

Note: Honours program applicants are expected to achieve and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and they are required to have a B+ in PSYC 3300 and 3400.

Please refer to your transcript or ask Arts Advising for assistance calculating this.

Please indicate your grades for each of the following courses. (If you have taken the course more than once, please indicate the grade you received each time you took the course).

Please list course name and number
Area of Research Interest
Degree Program
Please select the Psychology Honours Degree program for which you are applying:
Please type the name of your faculty supervisor. Please note that Honours students are responsible for finding their own faculty supervisor.
Supervisor Approval
I have spoken with the faculty supervisor named above and he/she has agreed to supervise my honours thesis if I am accepted into the Honours program.
Reference Information
Application Status

Applications for the Psychology Honours Program will be reviewed by the Honours Committee and applicants will be notified in May whether they are accepted into the program. Those who have been selected will receive further instructions on how to register for PSYC 4990 prior to registration in July. For further information, please contact: psychology@kpu.ca.

Survey Question for Applicants
Thank you for your response, it will help us promote the program in the future.