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Carpentry/Building Construction (CARP)

This is a list of the Carpentry/Building Construction (CARP) courses available at KPU.

CARP 1102 CR-2

Safe Work Practices

Students will learn the skills and work habits required for success in the carpentry trade. They will identify the relevant sections of the WorkSafeBC OH&S Regulation and will recognize the potential hazards affecting personal safety on the construction site.

CARP 1104 CR-3

Hand and Power Tools

Students will learn to measure, lay out and safely cut and assemble wood into various building components, jigs and projects using hand tools and portable and shop power tools commonly used in the carpentry trade.

Prerequisites: CARP 1102

CARP 1109 CR-3

Building Materials, Codes and Drawings

Students will learn and examine basic drafting skills to allow them to read residential blueprints. They will identify the basic elements of wood, and will identify how wood has been engineered for use in modern design through new technology. Students will identify the role of building codes and bylaws to determine proper building practices.

CARP 1115 CR-2

Building Site Layout and Leveling

Students will apply Pythagoras' theorem to layout procedures for residential foundations. They will learn basic leveling techniques using the automatic levels to current industry standards. Students will also learn to measure, set and record the results in a surveyor's field book. They will lay out a building and prepare batter boards and set building lines for a residential foundation.

Prerequisites: CARP 1109

CARP 1119 CR-2.5

Building Residential Concrete Formwork Systems

Students will learn about concrete forming systems used in residential construction and light commercial applications. They will identify foundation requirements, set templates, and form block-outs according to the Building Code and standard construction practices. Students will use concrete fasteners to attach formwork materials to the concrete.

Prerequisites: CARP 1115

CARP 1125 CR-3.5

Floors, Walls and Ceilings: Residential Framing Systems

Students will build components of Western Platform Framing applying the British Columbia Building Code to the structures. They will frame floors, walls, and ceilings. Students will follow the WorkSafeBC OH&S Regulation for all activities.

Prerequisites: CARP 1119

CARP 1130 CR-3.5

Roofs and Stairs: Residential Framing Systems

Students will build gable and hip roofs and stair assemblies used in residential home building according to the British Columbia Building Code. They will frame stairs and roofs using standard framing practices in the industry according to the British Columbia Building Code. Students will follow the WorkSafeBC OH&S Regulation for all activities.

Prerequisites: CARP 1125

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