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Health Care Assistant (HCAP)

This is a list of the Health Care Assistant (HCAP) courses available at KPU.

HCAP 1120 CR-1.5

Wellness: Health, Lifestyle & Choice

Students will explore the concept of wellness and the components of a health enhancing lifestyle. They will reflect on their own experience of wellness, recognizing challenges and resources that may impact on their choices and consequently their health. Students will be introduced to a wellness model that can be applied to understanding the multi-faceted aspects of health and healing.

HCAP 1124 CR-3

Health and Healing: Concepts for Practice 1

Students will develop a theoretical framework structured around human needs. They will understand the normal structure and function of the human body and normal bodily changes associated with aging. Students will describe factors that affect human needs as well as the influence of family and culture as they relate to health and healing. They will explore common challenges to health and healing in relation to each body system. Students will use a problem-solving model to develop critical thinking skills.

HCAP 1126 CR-8 (Formerly HCAP 1125 )

Personal Care Skills and Clinical Practice

Students will acquire knowledge and apply skills needed to provide personal care that promotes the physical, psychological, social, cognitive, and spiritual well-being of client/residents with complex health challenges. They will gain experience in a variety of practice settings. Students will develop caring relationships with individuals and enhance problem solving skills and critical thinking skills.

HCAP 1135 CR-1.5

Person Centered Practice in Healthcare

Students will explore the principles of a person-centered caring philosophy. They will recognize how their values, attitudes, feelings, and actions impact their support of individuals and their roles and responsibilities as Health Care Assistants. Students will consider the influence of family and community in their relationship and support with individuals. They will identify ethical and legal parameters of their practice. Students will examine the home support, complex care and assisted living service systems.

HCAP 1224 CR-3

Health and Healing: Concepts for Practice 2

Students will continue to develop a theoretical framework structured around human needs. They will apply a problem-solving approach when caring for people with complex health challenges. Students will examine resources and care-giving practices that promote and support client/resident-focused interventions for health, healing and end-of-life care.

Prerequisites: HCAP 1124 and HCAP 1126 and HCAP 1135 and ECHS 1114

HCAP 1225 CR-3

Health Care Assistant Advanced Skills

Students will acquire advanced skills in a simulated setting necessary to provide care collaboratively with clients in the community. They will practice adaptations to care to promote the comfort, safety and independence of the client within the parameters of the health care assistant (HCA) role. Students will identify and reflect on issues of abuse/neglect and diversity in a home setting. They will develop employment finding skills.

Prerequisites: HCAP 1126 and ECHS 1114

HCAP 1240 CR-5

Dementia and Special Needs: Theory and Practice

Students will explore concepts and models applicable to the care of individuals with dementia or mental health challenges as they age. They will identify communication strategies that facilitate providing care. Students will recognize behaviors and identify person-centered intervention strategies. They will become familiar with the home and community resources that support individuals and families dealing with the challenges of dementia and mental health issues in aging. Students will have a practical experience on an adult special care unit.

Prerequisites: HCAP 1126

HCAP 1245 CR-5

Health Care Assistant Final Practicum

Students will consolidate knowledge and skills in preparation for assuming the role and responsibilities of a beginning practitioner. They will have a full time experience in an assisted living, home support and long-term care setting.

Prerequisites: HCAP 1224 and HCAP 1225 and HCAP 1240

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