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Foundations in Design (FIND)

This is a list of the Foundations in Design (FIND) courses available at KPU.

FIND 1100 CR-3

Design Processes, Methods and Materials

Students will study basic design processes, methods and materials common to a variety of design disciplines. They will plan, produce and present creative solutions to design problems in two and three dimensions.

FIND 1110 CR-3

Drawing for Design

Students will develop drawing and rendering skills to communicate two- and three-dimensional objects. They will explore drawing (sketching, rapid visualization, perspective systems, and scaling and rendering techniques) in order to develop and convey ideas for design-related projects.

FIND 1120 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1162 )

Design History 1

Students will develop an understanding of the evolving role of design from antiquity to the mid-19th century through research, analyses, discussions, presentations, and project work. They will examine design in the context of world cultures and will consider how historical events, political ideologies, belief systems, and other social and cultural factors have influenced and shaped design.

FIND 1130 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1163 )

Design Explorations

Students will examine design-related issues, theories and practices as a basis for expanding their knowledge of the field of design. They will participate in seminar discussions and project work to promote communication, research, team building, and critical thinking. Students will also investigate opportunities for continuing design studies and potential career options.

FIND 1140 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1164 )

Colour Theories

Students learn colour theories and explore their application within design contexts. They will review and examine the physical characteristics, psychological effects, and the cultural and social implications of colour.

FIND 1150 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1165 )

Designing for Humanity

Students will examine the relationship between design decisions, humanity and current and historical environmental issues. They will understand the way design impacts individuals, society and the environment through research, case studies and field trips. Students will also investigate such things as over-packaging, built-in obsolescence, toxic materials and sustainable development.

FIND 1160 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1166 )

Communication through Visual Language

Students will explore the historical, theoretical and contextual developments of signs and symbols (semiotics) as they relate to visual language. They will study the concepts, theories and roles text and images play in contemporary visual information and communication across a variety of design disciplines.

FIND 1200 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1260 )

Two-Dimensional Design

Students will design solutions for a series of comprehensive, two-dimensional projects that emphasize the development of creative conceptualization and problem-solving skills relating to a range of design disciplines. They will create designs for a variety of contexts and will utilize diverse mediums, materials and presentation methods.

Prerequisites: FIND 1100 and FIND 1110 or IDDS 1160 and IDDS 1161

FIND 1210 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1261 )

Three-Dimensional Design

Students will apply creative conceptualization and problem-solving skills to comprehensive three-dimensional design projects. They will explore principles and processes, mediums and materials as well as three-dimensional modeling techniques and presentation methods relating to a range of design disciplines.

Prerequisites: FIND 1100 and FIND 1110 or IDDS 1160 and IDDS 1161

FIND 1220 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1362 )

Interdisciplinary Design History II

Students will examine developments in visual design from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, primarily in the context of the Western world. They will study concepts from design and fine arts history, sociology, and cultural anthropology that influence design movements, designers, and consumers of design.

FIND 1230 CR-3 (Formerly IDDS 1363 )

Drafting For Design

Students will learn to produce drawings using computer assisted drafting software relating to a variety of design disciplines. They will create two- and three-dimensional drawings that will communicate design ideas visually through a variety of design projects.

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