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Graduate Nurse Re-Entry (GNUR)

This is a list of the Graduate Nurse Re-Entry (GNUR) courses available at KPU.

GNUR 1104 CR-2.5


Students will use a computer based program to review fundamental principles of pharmacology. They will explore the use of these principles in their occupational roles, including relevant legislation, drug action and interaction, routes of administration, principles of medication administration, and calculation of dosages for drugs used for common health problems in Canada. Students will become familiar with the generic and trade names of drugs prescribed for common health challenges.

GNUR 1120 CR-3

Graduate Nurse Re-entry: Theory

Students will use a computer based program to upgrade their nursing knowledge for community health nursing and the nursing care of patients requiring hospitalization.

GNUR 1180 CR-3

Workshops and Labs

Students will upgrade their knowledge and skills related to nursing practice. They will examine the impact of research and technology on the practice of specific psycholmotore skills and compare current practice standards to their own level of knowledge, judgment, and skill. Students will complete labs and workshops related to psychomotor and interpersonal communication skills.

Prerequisites: GNUR 1110 or approval of the Coordinator

Not Transferable

GNUR 1210 CR-6.5


Students will be working with a preceptor in a nursing practice setting. They will develop confidence and competence in their nursing practice in preparation for the role of the Registered Nurse. Students will apply knowledge and skills for current nursing practice.

Prerequisites: GNUR 1180

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