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Design (DESN)

This is a list of the Design (DESN) courses available at KPU.

DESN 2000 CR-3

Academic Research and Writing for Design

Students will study and practice academic research methods, and written and oral communication skills as these apply to design studies. They will acquire a variety of research, communication, and editing skills. They will learn principles, theories, and techniques required for creating design documents, proposals, reports, and project plans. Students will develop their writing skills through assignments that focus on describing, analyzing, and discussing topics relevant to their area of design focus.

Prerequisites: 30 credits of 1100 level courses or higher

Not Transferable

DESN 2001 CR-3

Design Thinking and Methodology

Students will study the iterative process of designing. They will evaluate how current social perspectives on sustainability, ethics, and universality drive design decisions. They will define a design problem, and begin to develop a personal methodology for design.

Prerequisites: 30 credits of 1100 level courses or higher

Co-requisites: DESN 2002

Not Transferable

DESN 2002 CR-3

Design Concept and Process Studio

Students will research,explore, and ideate the principles and elements involved in creating design solutions. They will test design concepts in two- and three-dimensions, documenting their discoveries in a process book.

Prerequisites: 30 credits of 1100 level courses or higher

Co-requisites: DESN 2001

Not Transferable

DESN 2003 CR-3

East Meets West – Vancouver Field School

Students will critically examine, interact with, and document the power of Vancouver's natural landscape and its effect on the unique cultural heritage of "North America's gateway to the Asia Pacific". They will explore through the region's built and natural environments the cultural, creative collision that happens when east meets west. Students will share their conceptual analysis and conclusions through social media with communities around the world.

Not Transferable

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