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Women's Studies (WOMN)

This is a list of the Women's Studies (WOMN) courses available at KPU.

WOMN 2200 CR-3

Footsteps of the Crone: Creative Teaching & Learning

Students will explore teaching and learning theories from crone wisdom through the ages by mothers and grandmothers, to modern feminist-oriented teaching and learning theories. They will use a crone wisdom lens to assess learning needs and preferences of people of all ages. Students will develop structured and informal learning plans to meet the educational needs of people.

WOMN 3100 CR-3

Conceptual Traps & Health Care

Students will apply feminist, critical, environmental, change, and women-centered leadership theories in analyzing how patriarchal and capitalistic values affect local, regional, provincial, and national health care policy. The roots of failed delivery systems will be analyzed. Proposals will be developed for the innovative delivery of psychiatric/mental health nursing services in select communities, based on theories covered in class.

Prerequisites: (ENGL 1100 for BPN students) or (CAHS 3500 for RPN students)

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